The longest car in the world

Fancy cars always attract attention – look at them, admire them, want them to have in their garages special connoisseurs of cars. And therefore owners of such vehicles, are trying hard, huningue my car in full. There are cars that, for example, have the original color and huge size. So, a California resident Jay Orberga was created the longest car in the world, which was called «California dreams.»

The longest car in the world Jay Orberg

The parameters of this car

Originally created for exhibition purposes and for use in the filming of the movie the longest car in the world has a length of 30.5 meters. You agree that such a length is quite difficult to move around the city streets, although, in principle, a machine and not intended. But the owner later began to take a limousine rental for special occasions. Therefore, anyone who wishes to have a memorable wedding celebration or anniversary, you can rent a limo for the desired time.

But not too hard for such a huge machine to move through the streets of the city, and how she does it? It just seems that the 26-wheeled limousine will not be able to drive on the streets – this includes design it in such a way that it can be folded in half when turning. That is, it can represent absolutely rigid or transformirovalsya design – it all depends on the way of moving and wishes of the client.

The longest car in the world at the gas station

To make the movement in the opposite direction, the driver can change to another cabin, which is located at «Korme». Thus, the Creator has provided all the basic nuances and made so that the longest car in the world could with a special comfort to transport passengers, bringing an incredible feeling and positive emotions. And those who are interested in hockey, can, buy mission ice hockey equipment specialty store. For the transport of persons on such the vehicle offers well-trained drivers who can easily manage this kind of «edifice».

For the length of the car Orberga was even introduced on the pages of the Book of records as the most impressive along its length. This giant weighs 10 tons, and inside can accommodate up to fifty passengers. Provided this particular, and the longest limousine two engines from the company Cadillac.

Than pleased with the interior of the car?

Salon, the world's longest limousine

One only has to be within the present invention of a Californian, and enthusiastic words. The dazzling wealth and gorgeous luxury are the words that suit to describe the interior of the car.

After all, there is a huge water bed, heated Jacuzzi, incredible size swimming pool, gorgeous chair and what people need who wish well to hold a ceremony or just to relax. Installed in the cabin and a private satellite dish that allows you to watch any movies or programs. You can even invite friends by helicopter on the roof of the car, which is available for landing of the aircraft.

The longest car in the world has a helipad

Famous long trucks the Chinese

The Chinese from Jiangsu province was able to surprise the world not only the world’s longest wall, but also truck, which has a large length – 73 meters. The machine is equipped with a 880-th wheels, and is able to transport myself to two and a half tons of cargo. The creators have planned to use this car for transportation of various minerals mined in China.

The world's longest truck

However, the main obstacle is that it is unclear how this Hulk will carry out u-turns, because with this length of cabin can «get lost» at the end of the rolling stock. But because the Chinese government is to decide how to use such a powerful tractor, and how to do it right, not to «earn» problems, and to solve important problems.

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