The longest building in Moscow

The capital city is undoubtedly the Mecca for any tourist. Rich history, interesting museums and galleries, which you can wander and enjoy a variety of historic sights – all this attracts people from all over the world.

The center of Moscow, in which are concentrated many architectural and cultural values, in this respect, even more interesting. Walking along the streets, you can see the best examples of diverse architectural styles.

Modern Moscow city planners, of course, it’s impossible to compete with their predecessors of past centuries, the creators of such masterpieces. But, however, and they can build buildings that stand out from the crowd and arouse admiration in many aspects. If modern buildings are organically combined with a view of the capital city, they only emphasize the uniqueness and originality of the city. For example, it is impossible not to pay attention in this regard to the long house.

«The long hill» on varshavke

Amazingly, to get to the other side of the building, you need to pass 3 stops, so to lose him out of sight not so easy. This is the longest building in Moscow, it is a research Institute of computer technology (NICEVT). This building is located on the Warsaw highway, d. 125, and its length is approximately equal to 736 meters.

In Soviet times, the perspective of the institutions tried to give the best conditions for their activities, therefore, building such a significant building, which the planners reflect the unique atmosphere of the time. Therefore, the house on the Warsaw highway is so unique and can pass a long-forgotten spirit of the Soviet Union.

During the reign of Soviet power research Institute has dedicated its activity to the development of on-Board computers intended for use in spacecraft. And coordinated with the appearance of a unified system of computers in all plants of the USSR. Until the end o/the last century in this Institute came to light the latest models of domestic computers: EU-1181 and super-computers of the EU-1195.

The history of the emergence of the longest structures capital accounts for 1969, it was then for the construction of the ensemble of structures on the motorway decided to allocate plot with an area of 76 hectares. After a year at this point there is a boiler house which provides heat to the entire industrial district of Chertanovo, and the two schools. After some time appeared the main production, and later built the power unit and the dining room. In 1975 launched the first two corps base laboratory.

The house on the street Bestuzhev

The house on the street Bestuzhev

With regard to residential facilities in this segment the fight for the title «the longest house of Moscow» is between the two structures. One of them is on the streets of Bestuzhev and Rimsky-Korsakov. The house is divided into six parts, each of which boasts a personal email address. This house is rather similar to some ensemble of structures that stretch for 1.1 kilometres. This long building, whose shell was built at different times, bears the burden of responsibility, that it protects the area from the magnetic field that is located near high-voltage lines.

The residential complex «Grand Park»


One of the «longest» record holders is located in Moscow Horoshilova area. This is a residential complex «Grand Park» in the street grizodubovoy, 4, which consists of seven sections. For the length of the ROK claim to the title of the longest structures of its kind. Not surprising, because its length is about seven hundred meters.


By the way, to be fair, none of these buildings cannot be called long, as stated. Indeed, in the case of NII integrity of sections of the structure of the nominal. And the houses on Bestuzhev and Grizodubova violated local traditions, which indicate that if the structure has its own entrance, it is called a separate house, and not the case.

For these reasons, it is impossible to say which building in the capital has full right to the title of the longest in the capital city. However, the construction of the city never stops, so quite possibly, soon will appear in the capital new long house that can be easily called the record length.

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