The longest bridge in the world

Today hardly anyone can surprise in this structure, as a bridge. These designs are in almost any city. But they can have considerable dimensions, forcing us to admire its beauty and uniqueness. One need only look at the largest bridge in the world, and immediately an indescribable feeling of delight. Let’s look at these bridges, see how stunning their length and where they are located.

1 Danyang-Kuniansky viaduct

Danyang-Kuniansky viaduct

Railway is the longest bridge in the world. Is part of the railway Beijing-Shanghai is rightfully included on the pages of the famous Book of records. Almost 165 kilometers of the entire length of the bridge, only nine miles are located above the water surface of lake Yangcheng. The construction of the crossing between the two Chinese cities (Shanghai and Nanjing) started 2008. To work attracted more than 10,000 people. Work on the construction of major structures was conducted from two sides. Despite the huge amount of work, the work was completed in 2011. Treasury China, this bridge cost us $ 10 billion.

2 Bang On

The land bridge Bang na

This is the longest land bridge is located in Thailand. In General a little difficult to call this structure, the length of which is 54 kilometers, the bridge. At its core is the elevated highway, which rises above the ground. In each direction on the bridge should transport three lanes, each of which is made of a width slightly more than 27 meters. The building was put into use in 2000. The project had to spend just over $ 1 billion.

3 Qingdao bridge Qingdao Haiwan Bridge)

Qingdao bridge

Another Chinese bridge above the water surface can be called the biggest. Its length is 42,5 kilometers. Its construction was carried out four years in the monetary assessment of the project cost the Chinese government approximately $ 10 billion. Every day on the bridge passing thirty thousand different vehicles.

4 Hanjo Bay

Mist, Hanjo Bay

Once this building was a leader among the longest bridges in the world. Today, many built structures moved him down a few notches. Length passes through the Yellow sea water of the bridge is 36 kilometers. Passing through it every day 50,000 cars. And to relax from a long way allows the island in the middle of the bridge, which is intended for tourists and drivers, and offers a full range necessary for rest services.

5 Akashi Kaikyo

Suspension bridge Akashi-Kaikyo

This is the longest suspension bridge in the world, built in Japan, is the connecting passage between Awaji city and Kobe city. The total length of the building is 3911 meters. Only the main span of the structure is equal to 1991. It was originally planned that it will be a rail-road bridge, but then some problems arose and it was decided to build a road bridge with six lanes. The bridge stands on legs that are hidden under water at a depth of sixty meters. For the erection of the building was used in the water hardens the concrete. Such material was necessary because pour had directly under water. It should be noted that the cables for the construction of designs used here so that, pulling them, will be able to circle the globe more than 7 times.

6 the Bridge-dam across Pontchartrain

The bridge-dam across Pontchartrain

The length of this considerable length facilities in Louisiana (USA) is slightly more than 38 kilometers. Alone piles of concrete is more than 9,000. This structure consists of two roads, each of which paves the way across lake Pontchartrain.

7 Bridge through Kama (Tatarstan Republic)

Bridge across the Kama river in Tatarstan

It is the longest bridge in Russia. In extent it is equal 13967 meters. The first move for this building was opened in the area of the p. Magpie of the mountains in 2002. The idea of bridge was enjoyed during the tsarist Russia. Then the government considered the possibility to build a railway bridge that connected to Chistopol and Kazan. But after hundreds of years it was decided to create the automobile bridge through Kama. The crossing begins with the Magpie of the mountains and ends in alekseevskoye.

In the course of construction created by the project has been heavily modified. Changes have been made to the span structure that gave the opportunity to save $ 17 million. Subjected to changes and landslide protection works, and instead predmostovoy flyover was made one flight.

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