The longest bridge in the world over water

Mankind has created a lot of interesting and picturesque buildings. One of them is the longest bridge in the world over water that draws its mystery millions of people. Can you imagine even for a minute this beauty, remembering how in the movies all the famous long bridges are lost in the depths of the mist, dissolve into the sunset, or water depths.

Qingdao bridge

At the moment, Qingdao bridge, located in China, is the longest road moving through the water of the Bay. Its length is about 43 km away. This bridge connects two cities that are in the neighboring provinces. This bridge connects the city with the nearby national airport of China. But in China there is an even longer bridge, which is a railway. They have Danyang – Kunshan, the length of which is 165 km away.

The longest bridge in the world over waterQingdao bridge

Qingdao bridge was built over 4 years. About 10 000 people worked on it, building the design from both ends of the beach. The cost of this bridge was enormous, but the design, according to engineers, justify them. At lower standards, Qingdao bridge can withstand natural disasters (tsunami, an 8-point earthquake, which so often happens in China), and the physical, external action, for example, a collision with a heavy vehicle.

The construction of the Qingdao bridgeThe construction of the Qingdao bridge

The cost of construction amounted to about $ 11 billion. Such a waste of China was very critically evaluated by other States. Justified criticism was that the cost of the bridge is irrational. Experts estimate the distance by land between the provinces of 80 km, and the vehicles on the new bridge is 50 km away. the Difference is 30 km in their opinion was insignificant, even negligible. The main argument then was the connection to the airport of China, which was also inconclusive. But to cancel the construction of the Qingdao bridge, no one, and to date, every day it passes, more than 30,000 motorists.

The bridge-dam in the United States

A bridge built across lake Pontchartrain, is an amazing structure that combines the bridge and the dam. Its length is 39 km Bridge-Causeway connects the two cities, to which access by land is difficult. The bridge is a two car tracks on which cars move in both directions. This bridge-dam is distinguished by its extreme reliability due to the large number of concrete piles.

A bridge built across lake PontchartrainA bridge built across lake Pontchartrain

Bridge-the Causeway was opened in the mid 90 – ies with the budget for construction of $ 55 million. The necessity of this bridge was recognized in the late 19th century. The bridge project has been developed over many years a resident and founder of the city of Mandeville. He proposed in the lake to drain some areas, creating artificial Islands, thus connecting them by a bridge. But the construction of it began only after 50 years.

The bridge-dam in the United StatesThe bridge-dam in the United States

The construction of the bridge has opened up new opportunities for residents of the United States. Now with the emergence of a new mode of transportation, long boat crossings have been eliminated. But it is important to note that the bridge is paid for each. The money raised for travel expenses, regularly distributed on the reconstruction or maintenance of the current state of the bridge-dam.

Local residents believe this bridge is special because it is located in a climatically unstable area of the United States and natural disasters have caused significant damage.

Who’s longer?

Cities in China is superior to the bridge-a dam in the U.S. just 3 km. the Difference is slight, but it is for this reason Qingdao bridge is the leader. But experts from the US said that the length of the bridge was achieved through the many distortions, and in U.S. cities is absolutely straight. Accordingly, they estimate the actual distance that intersects the newly constructed bridge is 25 km away

Qingdao Bay bridge. A satellite image.Qingdao Bay bridge. A satellite image.

The whole controversy arose because of the record in the Guinness Book of records, where the Chinese bridge peacefully ousted at the second bridge-a dam of the United States. To avoid conflict on this basis, the editors of the Book decided to open the new criteria. So, as a result Qingdao bridge took first place in duration, and the bridge – dam of the United States became the longest continuous bridge.

But progress does not stand still, and the plans of famous architects is the creation of more complex and long bridges all over the world. There are loose plans for 2017 – construction of bridges in China, the European countries and the USA. Length of the longest bridge, focusing on projects is 50 km But we must remember that there is no limit to perfection. The Guinness book of records is regularly updated annually to record holders change as the works of architects who have taken a leading position in the world lists.

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