The little tiger

The smallest tiger is recognized as a resident of Indonesia on the island of Sumatra) Sumatran tiger. From his relatives it is somewhat different in appearance and special habit. Let’s find out more about how living with a small tiger and unique features.


Sumatran tiger

Adult males grow up to a length of 2.7 meters. The total height at the withers may be up to 60 centimeters. Females are smaller – their length can reach up to 2.2 metres. The weight of the smallest tiger is up to 130 kg. Despite its not very large size and weight, this tiger is able to cope with the animal, body weight of 900 kg. So it always successfully hunting medium-sized animals, but will he cope with the artiodactyl large sizes.

Sumatran tiger bravely engages in battle for territory and never smaller in comparison with their brethren did not stop. He is recognized as one of the most aggressive and dangerous predators, able to cope alone with a large enough opponent.

Distinctive features of the exterior

The appearance sumatrensis tiger

His appearance this cat is somewhat different from his relatives – he had a different body color and a different arrangement of the bands. With powerful legs and a long tail he can jump very accurately and at long distance. The tail also helps him to quickly change direction while running. On the feet and the back of the animal, there are stripes. Males are distinguished by the presence of sideburns, protect their face when navigating through thick jungles.

Also Sumatran tiger has large eyes that allow you to contemplate the surrounding world in the color image. The language he has small bumps that allow you to quickly flay the skin from trapped prey and separate the meat from the bones. Behind the ears you can see spots of white color – it is assumed that they serve as the eyes for definition is trying to sneak up behind hungry beast.


Sumatran tiger knows and loves to swim

This tiger is considered to be quite aggressive animals. While hunting, he sniffing his victim, then sneaks up and jumps out of hiding, trying at did not catch her. If he ambushes, always attacked the victim suddenly and from behind, trying to strangle her. Its distinguishing feature is a love of the water, he always bathed and great swims. Therefore, during the hunt he tries to drive his victim into the water where he has a distinct advantage. While chatting with each other Sumatran tiger rubbed noses.


This is the smallest tiger is a carnivorous predator, the main diet consisting of medium size carnivorous animals (he prefers to hunt boars, crocodiles, badgers, rabbits). During the residence of these tigers in zoos, their menu consists of meat, poultry, various fish, and the diet need added vitamins.

Sumatran tigers at the zoo


Males tend to a single way of life. Every tiger must be assigned an individual plot, area of which ranges from 26 to 78 km2. This size depends on the amount of production in a given area. Tiger mandatory marks its part of the territory. The young tigers have to find your plot of land for living and hunting, often winning it in adult males. Never male will not tolerate the presence on the territory under his control of a stranger and will try to get rid of it.


The breeding of these tigers have all year. Male can attract a female by performing the Callsign roar and at her caught prey. Sometimes the male must win his mate, and there are terrible fights between males. Formed a couple together goes to produce food, as well as the male and the female together all the time until she would be pregnant. However, the male does not leave the mother until birth, and then helps her to suckle cubs – it lasts until little tiger cubs will not be able to produce their own food. After this, he boldly leaves the female with young.

The female tiger sumatrensis s ditanam

Usually the female brings 2-3 cubs, which can weigh up to 1.35 kg, the female feeds the Babies with her milk up to six months. At this age kittens sumatrensis tiger begin to hunt with their mother. The cubs are with the mother until the moment when they learned to hunt (usually 18 months).

On the verge of extinction

On Sumatran tigers from ancient times is constant hunting. This is due to the fact that some animal body parts are considered medicinal and are used in folk medicine. Therefore, this type of tigers are quite rare. Today their population consists of about 500 adult individuals. Therefore, the Sumatran tiger is listed in the Red book of Ukraine and protected. However, this does not stop poachers hunting them – people still hunt these tigers, making special loops-trap of steel cables.

The Malayan tiger

In addition to Sumatran on Earth there is another kind of tigers, which are small in size. This Malayan tigers, which became known in 2004. After this discovery, namely the Malayan tiger was the smallest tiger, have a length of 2.37 meters and weight less than 120 kg.

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