The largest water Park in the world

The first Park appeared in the middle of the last century. Water games, fun water rides are loved by the public. Since then, the globe was built about two thousand water parks.

Japan – here is the biggest water Park in the world. This achievement is even listed in the Guinness Book of records. The water Park that found fame under the name «Ocean dome», is able to simultaneously accommodate up to 10 thousand visitors.

vodni Park

Ocean dome

The largest water Park in the world opened in 1993. For its construction were used the earth of the island of Kyushu. The owner of Ocean dome is the hotel chain Sheraton. The total area of the entertainment complex is 700 Hectares, equal to six football fields.

The unique design of the dome allows it in Sunny weather to open up, and in bad weather — closed. The dimensions of the roof are impressive:

  • the height of the thirty-eight meters;
  • width of one hundred meters;
  • length three hundred meters.

It should be noted that the entire infrastructure of the island, which is the largest water Park in the world, is well developed. The island has many luxury hotels, modern shopping complexes, cafes and restaurants.

Tropical Paradise – all year round


At any time you can be on the ocean. It is an artificial construction maintains water temperature at 28°C. the temperature of the air in the room does not fall below 30°C.

Plunge into the feeling of tropical holiday will help you with perfect beaches, covered with white marble sand. On the surface of the pristine ocean running wave that will appeal to fans of surfing.

This tropical Paradise rich slides, wave pools and a hot tub, cascades and a Jacuzzi. In addition, you can admire the exotic fish, which built a special reservoirs filled with fresh water.


Looking at the lush tropical vegetation, a large number of rides and attractions, it’s easy to assume that you are in Paradise. The organizers have taken care of bright exotic show. By nightfall the water the screen turns into a place where magical lighting effects. A daily routine turned into a magical holiday – dance, music, festivals. For your convenience, on-site entertainment complex includes restaurants and cinemas.


Despite the fact that next to the «Ocean Dome» is a real beach, a popular aquatic and leisure complex from this neighborhood does not suffer. Although it is necessary to mention the fact that in 2001, this tropical resort was on the brink of ruin. More than 2.8 billion dollars, the largest water Park owed to investors. The reason for this was the continuing economic crisis swept Japan in the beginning of the Millennium. The number of incoming tourists to Sigil significantly decreased and management company 7 years had to make ends meet.

Fortunately, the company managed to cope with difficulties, and a unique water Park again pleases us. At the moment, the government of Japan is planning to build a similar entertainment complexes and other Islands.

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