The largest water Park in the Crimea

To services of vacationers in the Crimea, the variety of attractions, entertainment centers and specialized parks. Among the huge variety of choice sooner or later a natural question arises – which one is best? Some of them can be called «the largest water Park in the Crimea?» It is difficult to choose from a wide variety. Especially when it comes to water parks. They are located almost throughout the Peninsula. Different in style, scale, the quality of the water used. From year to year the number and quality of rides. From the variety of water parks stands the aquapark «Banana Republic».

Water Park «Banana Republic»

Water Park

The tropical water Park with the same name is considered to be the largest in the Crimea. Located almost on the highway Simferopol-Evpatoria, he became this tropical Republic on the Crimean coast. The whole style Park designed in strict accordance with the title. Designers have tried, and Park visitors can enjoy not only the landscape and vegetation close to latinoamerikanki, but also copies of the famous statues of Easter island.

Statues at the water Park

Attractions and numerous cafes are eloquent name. Restaurant «Captain blood», a cocktail bar on the water Tortuga. For children aged pirate-themed. They offered to beat off the attack of sea pirates, armed with water blasters.

Entertainment for children

The Park staff understands that it is impossible to stand still, we must constantly evolve. So in the Park every year there are new attractions. Take into account the interests and needs of not only children but also adults. All this is done not to the detriment of the safety of tourists. In the Park is strictly monitored by security at all the events. This makes the aquapark «Banana Republic» is popular both among tourists and among locals. Many families come here for positive emotions, which the friendly staff will gladly give all visitors. A large influx of visitors leads to queues for the rides, but it’s the little things.

In a whirlwind of rainbow spray «Banana Republic»

The area of the aquapark «Banana Republic» of 4 hectares. there are 8 pools. The organizers made sure that in this realm of water sports were interesting to all. Therefore, they are designed for different age categories of visitors. Quite quiet and peaceful for children. Bars on the water for adults. Very interesting move – around «Banana Republic» the river Amazon. Passing through it you can see the whole Park.

The children's area

Children’s pools designed for kids, which coined the fountains, fungi, slides and cute names of «Octopussy», «the Elephant». Older children can try themselves in search of adventure, an attraction «Jungle». The slides for them are age requests. For lovers of water battles, there is the opportunity to shoot a Blaster in a sea battle with the terrible pirates.

Grown area

The adult area offers visitors attractions that will cause an explosion of adrenaline. Steep and high-speed roller coaster with the eloquent title «Kamikaze», «Sphere», «Funnel», «Rocket». You can imagine the feelings of a man, passing through the «Sphere». Such impressions remain for life. Some of these attractions are unique to Russia.

Water Park

Thought-out program and for group visits. Families or groups of youth to descend on a group slide, to compete in the downhill. Special Spa pools will be a good rest and relaxation for those tired of the experience for visitors. Wanting to gather new strength waiting in cafes and bars where visitors are offered good food and drinks.

The pools at the water Park

The aquapark «Banana Republic» will remain in memory for a lifetime. Colorful pictures will keep the memory of visiting this Latin American island in the modern Crimea. Rave reviews from tourists and locals who love to spend their time here vivid proof of that. Bonuses and limitations when visiting.

Entertainment for company

For visitors to the Park an elaborate system of benefits. Birthday visit the Park for free. For visitors whose height is less than 130 cm there is a children’s ticket. For sports lovers there is the opportunity to play tennis. To services of visitors Parking, Luggage storage.

Tropical Republic in the Crimea

For security purposes, children without adults on rides is not tolerated.

Prohibited the entrance to people drunk with bleeding skin diseases. This is because the nature of an amusement Park. Also it is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages, food.

Though it may seem that tickets are a little expensive, but considering what emotions do get visitors, financial issues pale in comparison. The best place to relax and recharge with positive energy for the whole year is not found.

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