The largest water Park in Moscow

Over the past few years in the capital of our Motherland, in Moscow, there were several major water parks. The popularity of this type of entertainment is growing rapidly. Adults and children spend their weekends.

The largest water Park in Moscow «Moreon». Its doors for visitors it opened in 2013, is mainly focused not on adult audience, although children’s village is pretty decent.

What a Moreon


Is «Moreon» in Yasenevo, here you will find a large wave pool, the so-called man of the sea and the whole complex of entertainment services. It is nice to close my eyes and believe that you are on this coast of the warm sea.

The fair sex are offered fish, children at the age from three to ten years old are invited to children’s town. He created the pirate drawings. Here every child can feel like a real pirate – you can conquer the ladders, masts, slides. All children’s entertainments will be held under the attention of experienced instructors. Remember that children cannot be sent to swim in a pool without wearing a life vest.


When you are tired and satisfied, took a break from «water treatment», you can participate in fun contests, to participate in incendiary dances and photos memorable photos. It offers professional photographers.

The Slides Moreon

For recreation provides water slides, some are on the street. Note that on the slides there is a limit to growth. For guests taller than 1.5 m, for entertainment, there is a black hole, space bowl and the body slide turns with a total length of 120 m.

For those whose height reached 1.2 m and above, the hill — innertube slide (130 meters downhill), family.

If you came to the biggest Aqua Park Moscow together with your partner, test your nervous system, take a long jump.

Bath Moreon


For lovers and connoisseurs in the square entertainment complex are the baths and steam rooms, which are visiting, you will feel born again. Here came together the new trends and traditions developed over the centuries.

Wellness centre water Park «Moreon»

If you are used to follow the figure, and pay attention to your health, you will be happy existence

  • dance class;
  • swimming pool;
  • gym;
  • Pilates studios.

In addition, there was a place for the fitness center, and yoga center.

Where to eat

If the guests of the Park will excite your appetite, you can satisfy your hunger in the many bars, restaurants and cafes that can be found at all levels of the entertainment center. Here you can enjoy various snacks and treated to refreshing cocktails.

The largest water Park in Moscow, can accommodate two thousand guests. A SPA resort that meets the strict trends of the XXI century, located on an area of 2,500 square meters, ready to surround their guests with care and attention.

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