The largest us lake

Our planet has a large number of lakes. A lot of them in America, due to the special geographical position of the country, which contributes to the appearance of water. Between Canada and the United States has a Large lake (5 large reservoirs), including lake superior. It is the largest American lake.

Lake Superior

The size of the lake

The surface area of lake superior is equal 82400 km2. And the depth of the pond exceeds 400 meters. That is unique is the lake that is a store of fresh water, which has a considerable size. «Make-up» of the lake is through groundwater.

Also this reservoir was considered to be the most deep and cold. In the summer this pond has a water temperature of not more than 4 degrees Celsius, and in winter time not covered by ice crust, as it experiences frequent storms.

Reservoir of fresh water - lake superior

How did it arise?

Some historians have put forward a version of the formation of this pond – supposedly there was a lake in the result of melting glacial mass. Approximately 15,000 years ago the local territories were covered with ice shell, but the cold was over, and began the melting of ice. When the glaciers retreated and created some grooves, formed a lake, got a different value of the area. It took some time, and formed the ponds began to have some other shape.

Thus, the movement of tectonic plates and disappearance of the glaciers has led to the emergence of the basin of lake superior. When the ice melted, along the shores you could see the sand, stones and gravel. Surrounding the lake, the rocks – mountains height above sea level can reach no less than 400 meters. From a high mountain, you can contemplate a beautiful view of the lake. Incredibly beautiful in these places, when the sun rises or sets.

Views of lake superior

The lake level can vary, and it depends on the time of year. Also this parameter is influenced by storms. Near the lake there are 4 national parks, where I like to spend time with the locals and visitors. And the fishing here having a wonderful time, catching one of the lake large specimens of sturgeon or trout, which are distinguished by their unique taste.

What does the name of the lake?

If to translate it from the language of the ojibway, it would mean «big water». This reservoir was known to be the highest in the XVII century by scientists from France. This is due to the location of this lake above lake Huron (the third of the great American lakes). And since the Top is the largest lake of America, then later by English scientists, it was decided to adapt the name.

The five Great lakes of America

Among the five Great lakes four of the water basin for its size is quite large, but the size lose much of lake superior. Following this reservoir should lake Michigan (61660 km2), followed by lake Huron (59600 km2), lake Erie (25744 km2) and the smallest among the great lakes of America, is considered Ontario (19500 km2).

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