The largest swamp in the world

How many horror stories come to mind when talking about swamps! However, the wetland area, which is enough for different continents of our planet, can be not only scary, but also beautiful protected areas, the rich variety of flora and fauna. And if it is also the largest swamp in the world, then it will certainly need to look, or at least to find out what’s so interesting that attracts tourists and researchers.

The Pantanal

This Brazilian tectonic depression, which unites Delta Cuiabá and Paraguay, is the largest swamp in the world. This is a swampy area in the southwestern part of Brazil (southern Mato Grosso). The area of this swampy area is about 230000 km2 – the whole territory is a personification of the frozen because and naturalness. Thus, the Pantanal attracts a predominant wildlife, which could be called the main attraction of this place.

The Pantanal is the largest swamp in the world

That is why this place got the name «tank» of the Brazilian fauna. Here you can find a large number of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles. All members of the animal world to see here is very easy, because all they mean. Also, the Pantanal is considered an ecological Paradise, which is fragrant beautiful flowers, filled penim birds and the roar of predators.

The natural conditions of these places with sufficient contrast. During the summer rains the water level rises and the marsh becomes a lake-a swamp. From April to November it is home to many animals and birds create on this territory their home. Once the water level drops, they feed on fish that floats on the surface of many ponds. In winter there are severe droughts.

The Pantanal in green color

The vegetation of the Pantanal is diverse – the largest swamp in the world of shrubs, subshrubs, perennial grasses, cereal plants, trees. During wet summer, the vegetation has a green color, and when the drought then dominated by yellow color. The Pantanal is mostly covered with water, among which can be found green Islands, where the breeding farm of cattle. From March to October in some places here allowed catching of fish, since it is simply in excess.

Pantanal - the diversity of the animal world

In 1993, the Pantanal was officially declared a protected place where everything is under the protection of the person. Public visitation is prohibited, however, many people are interested in this swampy area and attempt to visit it. However, in the case of an accident, the administration of the national Park reserve is not responsible.

Reserve Pantanal


Another the biggest swamp in the world is Sudd. There is a swamp in the Eastern part of Africa. Sudd is a country of marshes, where there is incredibly pure air. And in the midst of these impassable places, even live people who move their boats in the marsh mud. This is a huge swamp stretches along the river White Nile.

In addition, Sudd is one of the largest wetlands on the planet, it still has large size freshwater swamp. At a depth of thirty meters was discovered the aquifer, but the swamp is filled with only the waters of the river White Nile. The size of the swamp can make a different area – it depends on the season. Usually its area is 57000 km2 and in the period of summer rains, it increases to 130,000 km2. Also during heavy rains the water level of the marsh rises to 1.5 meters.

Sudd - country swamps in Africa

These places are very rich in variety of fauna. Here live many species of birds and mammals. Their home here and acquire rare species of animals such as white ears ber, Sudanese goat, redunca. Shallow water Sudd placed crocodiles and hippos, and land areas, you can find African elephants and African wild dogs. The vegetation is represented here by the papyrus, begemotnaya grass, reeds, wild rice, cattail.

In this swampy area inhabited by the Nilotic peoples, who built their villages here. The house in the amount of 20-30 pieces made in the form of round huts. Their walls are made of branches, which are processed with a mixture of straw, mud and manure, and the roof is executed in the form of cones. Because of the high humidity these homes need to rebuild after 5 years.

Live in Judges by the Nilotic peoples

To live in swampy areas, residents required a great deal of life experience and good health, because there is propagated a huge number of different parasites and malarial mosquitoes. Live here grow beans, millet, maize, every family keeps one or two goats, as well as the main food source is the White Nile has in its waters a large number of fish.

Great Vasyugan swamp

Among the largest wetlands in the world were noted and this is a Russian swamp, which is located in the Central part of Siberia (Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Omsk regions). By area, the swamp is 53,000 km2, which, for example, more than twenty percent than the territory of Switzerland.

Bike swamp Vasyugan

Scientists believe that this is quite an old swamp, because there about 10,000 years ago. Since then the moorland is constantly growing, selecting for themselves an increasing part of the surrounding lands. Since its inception, the swamp there were 19 individual wetlands, then merged into a single marsh space. For this region the significance of this swamp is huge – it is an island of unspoiled nature, the source of drinking water and storage space for minerals. On the territory of the Vasyugan swamp is located more than 800 lakes, from which start the local rivers and streams.

Unique fauna and flora of the Vasyugan swamp

In these places where no human foot has ever stepped, has a unique fauna and flora – there are some endangered species of plants and animals. It should be noted that it is the largest bog in the world helps to purify the atmosphere of our planet, because with the help of marsh peat are absorbed toxic substances, bound carbon, and the air is saturated with oxygen. This marsh and from an economic point of view, because the reserves of peat are tremendous. Today it is planned that the swamp will be assigned the status of natural heritage on a global scale.

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