The largest parrot in the world

Parrots are interesting birds. Their mental capacity, ability to imitate, charm and intelligence — all these virtues have won the hearts of many people. To be fair, it is the largest parrot in the world should call two instances: the hyacinth macaw, whose length from withers to tail is about a meter, and kakapo (owl parrot) – the heavy.


This is not an ordinary representative of its kind. He leads nocturnal and they forgot how to fly because of the lack of his the areola mammals-predators. Meet the parrot only on some Islands of New Zealand. Externally, the kakapo is really reminiscent of the owl on the head face feathers and the color is the same. Body length — 60 cm, and can weigh up to 4 kg. Another feature of the birds the smell of flowers and honey that comes from it.


In the afternoon the parrots hiding in the crevices of rocks and burrows, and at night the beaten trails, go out to feed young plants and berries. With the help of the legs and beak of the kakapo can climb any tree, and down — planning on the wings.

Favorite food of parrots and tree seeds in Rome. The time of flowering coincides with the mating season of birds. At this time males gather and organize a serious fight with their strong beaks. And then the male does not form a pair and mate with multiple females during the season.


Today, kakapo are endangered. The eggs they lay every year, males are always bigger than females — all pose challenges for breeding in captivity. The paradox — these are some of the most ancient on the planet the birds that survived the dinosaurs, is now available for just 125 individuals. All of them were given names, each parrot was kept under control, but rats, stoats and cats in the wild nullify all the efforts.

Large hyacinth macaw

The length of the body is the largest bird in the world, weighing about fifteen pounds. Individual members of the species can reach 98 cm, but the bulk of the length is tail. Parrot giatsintova named for the beautiful blue color of the plumage.

The website bolchoj-giatcintovuj-Ara

They can be found on the banks of rivers, palm groves and forests of Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia. The bird is active during the day. Daily parrots fly several miles to find food (aquatic snails, berries and fruits), but always in the evening return to the camp.

The website bolchoj-giatcintovuj-Ara

When hyacinth macaw finds a mate, she joins family colonies of up to 10 individuals, and the lack of tree hollows for nests can dig legs and a powerful beak hole in the ground. Chicks appear several times a year, but often remains alive only one of the two.

The website bolchoj-giatcintovuj-Ara

The hyacinth macaw is on the brink of extinction. People have always hunted them because of the beautiful feathers. Moreover, their natural environment is constantly destroyed, as the people occupy forest area under pasture or crop plants.

In captivity Aru is more commonly found in the zoo than in the home contents – powerful beak and an incredibly loud voice (audible to one and a half kilometers) create certain difficulties in breeding these birds.

On earth there are about 300 different species of these interesting birds, but only the large parrots can live almost as people – kakapo to 100 years, and the Ara about 90 years.

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