The largest nuclear plant in the world

Humanity today can not imagine life without nuclear energy. First, its reserves much more than oil and gas; secondly, it is concentrated; and thirdly, if you are using without crashing the environment is not polluted. People understand what the fuel of the future and constantly increase nuclear power. The largest nuclear station in the world Kashiwazaki-Kariwa, located in the Japanese Prefecture of Niigata.

Kasivadzaki-Kariv The

The plant has 7 boiling water reactors (2 of them suites), with a total capacity of 8212 MW. For comparison, this exceeds the entire nuclear potential of India twice.

The station was built 8 years, from 1977 to 1985. In addition to the largest nuclear plant in the world, it can still be called and the most scandalous. All the time there were disputes in the government — the first place was the earthquake, but the country needed its own energy and the Prime Minister of Japan K. Tanaka in 1972 lobbied for the construction of the land actually belonged to his company. Soon it was revealed information about his corrupt activities, in 1983, Tanaka was arrested, but it was too late.

Kasivadzaki-Kariv The

When Tanaka died, the Japanese with their belief in the divine appointment took for granted the fact that his tomb, located in his native village near a nuclear plant wiped off the face of the Earth an earthquake in 2007.

In 2007, it became the first non-standard situation — the tremor of of 6.8 points caused a fire and radiation leak. Part of blocks is stopped, and after 3 years again put into operation.

In 2010, due to microscopic cracks in the concrete, the radiation background at the station was exceeded in 2100 times, but beyond the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa was not hit.

After the accident at the Fukushima-1 in 2011, in August, after the failure of the cooling system, nuclear power plant stopped again. The locals terrified of the fact that the station couldn’t withstand another such earthquake, required the operator to revise the old and to introduce new standards of protection.

Kasivadzaki-Kariv The

At the moment all nuclear power units idle. A well-known critic of the launch, the Governor of Niigata Prefecture, H. Izumida once again opposed the launch of the NPP, arguing that the station does not meet new seismic requirements, adopted after Fukushima.

The government has the right to ignore the Governor’s veto, but in this case, the conflict is inevitable and exacerbate the situation no one wants.

Absolutely not sorry TEPCO, operator of the largest nuclear power plant in the world, suffered multimillion-dollar losses; I want to envy the Japanese, puts the health of the nation is more important than the interests of a few rich people and it is hard to imagine this situation – when the government believes public opinion is a priority….

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