The largest mosque in the world

Saudi Arabia, Mecca is the main mosque of the Islamic world. The heart of the building is the Kaaba, the relic, having the shape of a cube. It took centuries to al-Masjid al-Haram appeared before us in a modern way. The first mention of this mosque is to the far the year 638.


Little more than thirty years have passed since the last major construction work at the site of the largest mosque in the world, then to the mosque and added two minarets and a very majestic building. Here now is the main entrance to the mosque. Only in al-Masjid al-Harami nine minarets, and the area occupied by the mosque now exceeded three hundred thousand square meters. Only here there are four gates and forty four inputs. The height of the minarets – ninety-five meters.



The Kaaba, the cubic structure itself, which serves as a benchmark, towards which look all the Muslims during the prayer. Watch the Kaaba, keep a clean and have the key members of the same family. According to tradition, such powers have bestowed on them the Prophet Muhammad.

Many centuries ago, when Adam and eve realized what he had done, and in a repentant head, repented, and Allah forgave them. In token of this, he sent a large shiny stone completely white. Among the faithful of all countries they are known as al-Hajar al-Aswad. Nowadays, the stone is black – it has absorbed the sins of men.


The first mosque appeared first efforts of men and women — they built it around the Kaaba. But, alas, the first temple, built by Adam, did not reach us. Its walls could not stand the waters of the flood and collapsed. Later, on the Foundation that was left, prophet Ibrahim and his son Ishmael rebuilt the temple. They did it at the behest of the angel Gabriel.

Sermon in the mosque


In our day preaching in the great mosque in the world simultaneously translated into English and Urdu. Those Muslims who do not speak Arabic, and in this language there are sermons, can use headphones at the same time with other believers to listen to the speech of the Imam. About this feature the channel «al Jazeera».

All the pilgrims who wish to hear the sermon of the Imam in translation, unable to these headphones shortly before the prayer. If this practice will catch on innovation will be introduced in the «Masjid nabawi». And is the second largest mosque located in Medina.

During Friday prayers in the largest mosque in the world is going to more than seven hundred thousand believers. Are the Muslims not only in the courtyard of the Islamic Holy sites, but also on nearby balconies and rooftops.

Except for the headphones, in the mosque there are other modern innovations, there are also escalators and air conditioning. In al-Masjid al-Haram there are many areas where pilgrims can pray and perform ablutions. These facilities are divided into male and female.

Tragic pages


Unfortunately, during the Hajj, there are cases of tragic accidents. Every year in the stampede that occurs during the breaking of Shaytan, leave the lives of dozens of pilgrims.

At the end of the last century mosque, and six thousand of pilgrims who were in it at the time, took hostage. A terrorist group consisting of five hundred people, headed by al-Utaybi put forward a number of requirements:

  • oil not to be sold to USA
  • should not tangerasa state abundance
  • the dynasty must be dethroned

The mosque was stormed, without victims has not managed – the life left for two hundred fighters and two hundred and fifty innocent people.

At the moment in Mecca resides about one and a half million inhabitants. The exact time of Foundation of the city no one knows. Reliably was able to learn that the first mention of Mecca goes back to Ptolemy.

Here was born the prophet Mohammed, who later conquered Mecca and commanded the Muslims to make the pilgrimage to the ka’aba. Now in Mecca, the most expensive property in the world. The cost of one square meter reaches one hundred thousand dollars.

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