The largest lake of our country

Water is always provided for man’s mesmerizing and calming effect. She is known to many troubles people, its calm waters make a special peace and harmony. This explains the distinguishing feature of the numerous lakes of Russia!

75% of fresh water on the planet is in lakes and in Russia such sources abound. But whether all will be able to answer the question: «What is the biggest lake of our country?».

The biggest lake of Russia is in Siberia and is called Baikal. It is considered the largest, besides, the deepest lake on the planet. The greatest distance from the water surface to the bottom – 1620 meters, the lake supply at the same time 336 rivers. Lake Baikal covers an area of 31 500 km2.

Lake Baikal

The largest lake of tectonic origin. The distinctive features of lake Baikal and coastal areas – unique diversity of flora and fauna, besides most of the animals are endemic. The locals used to call Baikal the sea.

According to scientists, the age of the lake 20-25 million years. But the current shape of lake Baikal, apparently, appeared several million years ago, the reason for this seismic change. By the way, the lake hundreds of times a year experiencing the earthquake, most of which can be recorded only with highly sensitive seismographs.

In the whole area of lake Baikal there are several hundred capes and bays. Many of them quite famous, every Cape and Bay of its own uniqueness. In addition, the lake there are Islands, though, on account of the exact number, there are ongoing disputes. The largest island of lake Baikal Olkhon is considered, whose area of 700 km2.

Olkhon island on lake Baikal

The diversity of the organic world of lake Baikal allows you to compete even with the tropical seas. The inhabitants of the lake were more than 2,500 species of plants and animals, and 2/3 of them live only in this place.

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