The largest galaxy in the Universe

For us of molecules from the point of view of the Universe, to represent the size of star systems held by gravity, very difficult. The largest galaxy in the Universe IC 1101 is called and is located in the constellation of Virgo cluster Abell 2029. For the person it is visible in the telescope as a small point, but actually is a class CD, consisting of 100 trillion stars.


This is among the main cluster (home group) of galaxies consists mostly of dark matter does not emit radiation radiomagnitnyh and gives the opportunity to explore it fully.

The open star cluster IC 1101 was the English astronomer William Herschel in June 1790, but with the launching into orbit of the Hubble telescope was able to learn more about it.

To cross the galaxy from one end to the other a person will need 6 million light-years (600 kiloparsec). For comparison, the diameter of the milky way only 30 kiloparsec (100 thousand light years).


This lenticular galaxy, with low star forming rate and low content of interstellar gas. She constantly absorbs smaller and lighter clusters of stars due to its gravity as a cosmic predator.

The largest galaxy in the Universe is the real monster, our Solar system would fit in it completely, and in addition still coming to us star clusters: the Large and the Small Magellanic cloud, Andromeda and the Triangle. Being in the Northern hemisphere, we can see Andromeda with the naked eye in the sky at night (the Magellanic clouds in the southern hemisphere) and only a rough idea of the size of the largest galaxy in the Universe, which is 60 times higher and 200 times more massive than our milky way.


The largest galaxy in the Universe (100 billion (!) available other) located at a distance of one million light years from us, it means that everything that is happening to her, we see so late, like many other objects. And who knows what the giants can discover the near future with the improvement of instruments for space exploration.

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