The largest flying bird in the world

All we used to see sparrows tweeting or high flying hawks, which are significantly different in their size. A hawk than a Sparrow will be large enough, but there are flying birds, the dimensions of which are staggering. Let’s find out what is the biggest flying bird in the world lived in ancient times and now lives on Earth.


Argentavis - the largest flying bird of antiquity

This is the largest flying bird in the world, well known to the modern world of science. Of course, argentavis lived long enough – more than 6000000 years ago, these giant birds were residents of Argentina (mostly in Central and North-Western part), where, by the way, and now scientists find their remains. At the moment there are no such birds, which have their sizes «surpassed» argentavis.

Argentavis is a representative of the Falcon family. The wings of these giants in the scale reached 8 meters, which is approximately the height of three-story buildings. Adult had grown to about 2 meters, and its weight is 78 kilograms. These birds had a long skull (0.5 meter) and a meter-long humerus. Their claws and curved beaks were used for successful hunting, as argentavis do not feed on carrion. Their main diet consisted of rodents, and they did not work pinch off pieces of food and swallow prey whole. It is possible that an incredibly huge size of these birds, may be associated with this way of obtaining food and its absorption. Continuing to examine the remains, scientists have made new insights and assumptions. For example, it is assumed that argentavis could even produce their own food by obtaining production from carnivorous mammals (e.g. marsupial saber-toothed tigers).

Argentavis more human growth

As researchers found, this is the largest flying bird in the world is using the hovering method of flight. Exactly the same method used by all large birds, which have poorly developed pectoral muscles. Scientists also suggest that the female is the biggest bird of ancient times set aside every two years 1-2 eggs 1 kg. weight On the hatching chick worked both sexes – male and female. After hatching it would take at least 16 months, so the baby might already be independent. The age at which future generations could carry on the family name, was 10 years old. It is also assumed that argentavis lived for 100 years. Usually a bird, not having enemies, from disease, from old age or from an accident.


Albatross in flight

The largest flying bird in the world that exists in our time, the Albatross. Among all birds of this species the largest size, has the wandering Albatross, whose wings are 3.7 metres. The weight of an adult can reach up to 13 kg. due to its huge wings, these birds can fly long distances, and do it quite safely over the water.

Albatrosses accompany the sailors

It is the albatrosses see the sailors in the ships that go sailing far away from shores. The appearance of albatrosses can point to whip a storm, because then they pick up washed up food. Menu of albatrosses includes crustaceans, fish, molluscs, also of large size birds willingly eat the remnants of food thrown from ships.

Albatrosses are solitary, but nest in colonies. They usually live 10 to 30 years, but there are individuals who live up to 50 years.


The Andean Condor

This is one of the largest flying bird in the world, whose wings are not less than 3.5 meters. Belongs to this bird with a naked head and neck to the order of American vultures. The place of residence of the Condor of the Andes. He lives in a mountainous area (the rocks), that is, on the plain or in the forest it does not occur. Adult birds can weigh about 15 kg.

Condor in flight

In order to rise into the air, Condor runs up – off the ground he manages after only a few meters of Jogging and clear strokes of its huge wings. The Condor can fly at an altitude of 10,000 meters and soar in the sky for a long time, spreading the wings. And such a spectacle is simply impressive! Today in the Red Book introduced California condors, which are on the verge of extinction.

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