The largest elephant in the world

The largest elephant in the world Largest animals that live on the land is elephant – he can boast of an excellent memory, is able to distinguish simple songs. In General, well educated. Did you know that there is an elephant, able to draw the whole picture using your own trunk?


What is the largest elephant? Massive body, huge ears, long trunk and a couple of tusks, although the latter is not inherent in all. Their place of residence these colossi chose Africa and India. Elephants often take a mud shower – so they are saved from annoying insects. The mud, drying up, forms a crust, which is like a shell protects its thick skin. Officially recorded that the largest elephant weighs 12 000 kg. of Course, their weight does not exceed eight thousand pounds.


In the jewelry industry, a great demand for the tusks – they make original decorations, which are very popular. Poachers during the hunting does not stop the fact of inclusion of elephants in the Red book. In India elephants are used to facilitate the labor of elephants obtained a good vehicle, especially in tight spaces. On the African Peninsula such treatment of animals is not practiced.

The elephants diet consists of plants, can chew the bark of trees. Prefer to eat a carrot, is unlikely to resist the Apple. Elephants are a terrible sweet tooth, and is able to stand long at the fence of the enclosure in the hope that they will be treated to a sweet treat. FROM a large number of sweets, animals are not only fat, but also become dependent on sweets.

Asian elephants

Asian elephant

There are three species of elephants that live in Asia – Sri Lankan, Indian, Sumatran. Of Sri Lankan individuals, the most prominent is the elephant with a height of 3.5 m and a weight of 5.5 tons. He lives on the island, in whose honor and named. Indian elephant are not uncommon, it can be found in any of the Asian countries. Weighs more than 5 tons. The smallest Sumatran growth equal to 2.5 m and a weight of three tons.

African elephant

African elephant

These are the biggest animals on the planet. In nature there are two species of African elephant – savanna and forest. The first of them can weigh up to eight tons and grow up to four meters, the latter as its parameters no more than five tons and three meters tall. They are very friendly animals, between family members rarely have fights and quarrels. They usually live in one big herd, care for the young, not leave in the lurch of patients. During mating because of increased level of testosterone, elephants can be aggressive, and only in this period, one the elephant may injure another person in your family. With females still tender – taking into consideration a couple of elephants are removed a small distance from the herd and there, away from prying eyes, they indulge in mutual caresses.

African elephant

While elephants will not be five years, they are under constant attention of the mother and, upon reaching 15 years, the elephant will become adult fish. Savannah young elephants are in danger – lions. One of the largest elephant can eat 100 kilograms of grass – often these kind of creation cause death of shrubs and trees. Due to the destruction of green spaces allowed shooting these large animals. The average age of Africa’s giant – 60-70 years. Unlike their Indian relatives, the African is much worse to train.

Yossi Elephant

Yossi elephant

The largest elephant in the world live in the zoo «Safari», located in Israel. He reached the venerable age – he’s 32, but continues to grow and barely squeezes through the gate leading into the yard to overcome them, the elephant squat – the only way he can be on the walk. Experts believe that this kind of charging is only animal to benefit. An elephant named Yossi was the highest among the elephants that ever lived in captivity. Now his height is 3.7 m. the Weight is 6 tons, the elephant’s tail – 1 meter, trunk to 2.5 metres, ears = 1.2 meters. Under the assumptions, the reasons for the growth lies in the genes. An important factor is a full meal.

Since ancient times people have learned to use elephants for the heavy work – carrying heavy burdens, people. Repeatedly took part in bloody battles. But don’t hang on the burdens elephant — the elephant is not omnipotent and is able to lift the load is more than a quarter of its weight.

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