The largest dinosaur

Recently, scientists have found the remains of the largest creatures that ever walked on our planet. They were found by accident – the Argentine farmer came across in the desert for dinosaur fossils. And turned with the news of the discovery in Paleontology the University of Buenos Aires. Subsequent excavations have taken specialists-paleontologists Jose Luis Carballido and Diego Floor.

Not afraid of anyone


It is estimated that Dreadnoughtus schrani lived, namely the so-called largest dinosaur, about a hundred million years ago. For its size it ahead of and largest predator, the spinosaurus, the largest sauropod, the argentinosaurus. To judge its size allows the femur giant size is probably the increase Dreadnoughtus schrani was 20 meters and length 40 meters. The weight of a dinosaur can be compared with the weight of 14 elephants together, and that as many as 77 tons.


Paleontologists agree that this «beginner» refers to the titanosaurs, the hallmarks of which is the long neck and tail, small head. In the area where they found remains of a dinosaur millions of years ago stood a forest of trees, with a height of 15 meters. These trees served as a source of food for animals.

In the course of excavations in the hands of the scientists were almost just bones of a skeleton torso, tail, partial neck, and all limbs. Managed to find even a dinosaur tooth. All these findings allow us to reconstruct the shape of a large dinosaur. Managed to find about 70% of the skeleton, which in itself is rare, can usually find no more than a third of all bones of the skeleton.


The reason for of his luck scientists believe several floods that have occurred one after the other. As a result of the cataclysm dreadnought was buried quickly and completely, where he survived to the present day. Jason Poole, a member of the excavation team, shared their enthusiasm about the fact that the bones one after the other kept and continued to be.

Looking at this creation of nature, scientists became interested in the question – how did Dreadnoughtus schrani was able to walk on such thin legs? Leave paleontologists to solve the riddle, especially as the dinosaur skeleton planted another interesting detail. It turned out that, despite its impressive size, the largest dinosaur continued to grow until the very last day of life. So Dreadnoughtus schrani died not from old age.


While scientists argue about the size, ways of walking, ways of eating, a place in the ecosystem and try to create a three-dimensional model of an animal that lived millions of years before us, let us remember the dinosaurs mentioned above.



This herbivorous dinosaur lived in the South in modern America. Walked on four legs, had a long neck and tail. Usually live in small herds, numbering up to 20 individuals. It is possible to protect yourself from predators.


A new species of argentinosaurus were hatched from eggs. Had a small head and an underdeveloped jaw. Days spent eating the leaves of the trees. Most likely, in order that food is digested better, the argentinosaurus was forced to swallow stones.

dinosaur skeleton

Sedentary dinosaurs ruled the tail is endowed with a murderous force. One blow – and the enemy is broken in half literally. Just look at his skeleton!



The largest predators known at the moment that have ever lived on our planet. The name of the dinosaur was named for the dorsal ridge formed of high-vertebral processes – in its form resembling a sail. Probably the largest dinosaur among the predators, well sailed, and was lazy most of the time this lizard, probably spends lying on its side on the waterfront. Huge body demanded the same amount of energy.


Ate mostly fish, not shun turtles, mollusks and amphibians. Hardly was a worthy competition commensurate with the dinosaurs – there is no necessary Arsenal and skills, and crocodiles were dangerous.

Lived more than a hundred million years ago in the Northern part of Africa, where are now Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

What happened to the dinosaurs?

Scientists still have not come to a consensus on the question – where did the dinosaurs. Some argue that dinosaurs are not extinct but evolved into birds, others accused in the death of the dinosaurs is a harmless butterfly, which, because of their multiplicity, left the dinosaurs to starve to death.

But the most popular version is the death of the dinosaurs from the great activity of ancient volcanoes. In the course of the eruptions was thrown into the atmosphere huge amounts of ash, and this, in turn, has led to the fact that the climate changed. Put a fat point in the life of dinosaurs on Earth Yucatan meteorite that landed on our planet.

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