The largest diamond in the world

Our nature is amazingly beautiful rich in natural resources. Daily caught hundreds of all known stones, one of which is diamonds. People used to modify all that gives humanity the nature. Modern technologies allow to make diamonds even more perfect, although there are times when people just destroy the whole beauty.


Diamonds are one of the most expensive stones in the world. Even the stones of small sizes and shapes are available only to a few. The largest diamond in the world often can only belong to a very rich and famous family that in times of old that at the moment. Also diamonds of similar size are located in some museums around the world.

Twice a large diamond

The head of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej at the end of the 90s as a gift became the owner of the world’s largest diamond in honor of the 50th anniversary of the coronation. This faceted diamond is called «Golden Jubilee» (Golden Jubilee») and is the largest brown diamond.

The history of the emergence of the «Golden Anniversary»

«Golden Jubilee» was created in 1985 from the diamond found in South Africa at the Premier mine. This mine is famous for finds such as an uncut diamond, the «Cullinan», the Century, Niarhos, and others. «Golden Jubilee» is the 8th largest of all large diamonds. It weighs 877 carats.

The largest diamond in the worldDiamond «the Golden jubilee»

The company De Beers, which owned the Premier mine, the diamond is cut to the king of Thailand has used the latest technical innovations and tool equipment designed for the processing of large diamonds. The diamond before the treatment was covered with a large number of cracks. This greatly complicated the work of processing. But the company De Beers took a decision to elect a man who would have been cut «Golden Jubilee». It was the nephew of Marcel tolstovskogo who created round-cut diamonds, Gabriel Tolkowsky.

To handle famous diamond was allocated a separate room, which was owned by isolation from vibration and it lasted for 2 years from the end of 80-ies.

The characteristic features of a diamond processed

The result of the work of Gabriel tolstovskogo was presented in 90-m to year. When processing the diamond he used such techniques cut that no one had ever combined. Gabriel popularly called his unorthodox method of cutting «kushon, fiery rose». His appearance was a 55 same size upper surfaces 64 and the bottom side 24. The peculiarity of this stone was primarily yellow-brown-Golden colour. Its weight after cutting was about 550 carats, which allowed the «Golden Jubilee» to be the record holder for size among all available processed diamonds. It has even surpassed «Star of Africa», which only by 15.47 carats less.

Gabriel TolkowskyGabriel Tolkowsky

The name of the largest diamond

First, the new stone had its current name and was designated as the unnamed brown diamond. He visited many exhibitions in the world and was then brought to Thailand for the same purpose. Thai Association did not regret his decision, as he lined up in long queues in order to see this work of art.

As in Thailand a political system is a constitutional monarchy, the king has a very great reputation among people in the country. So in honor of the anniversary of his coronation eminent merchants, under the leadership of Henry Ho, salesperson of diamonds, decided to give this beautiful, most unusual and extraordinary diamond.

The king of Thailand Rama IXThe king of Thailand Rama IX

It all started with the fact that he was bought from » De Beers Henry Ho put it on display in his jewelry store in Bangkok. Before you send the diamond as a gift to the king, he was consecrated as great value. After receiving the official blessing it was to officially give.

In the late 90s in the country of Pumipon Adulyadej was raging crisis, Thailand was in decline, so the decision was made to declare to the citizens that this is a large Golden-brown Topaz. Initially it was assumed that the particles «Golden Jubilee» will be placed in the scepter or seal of the king of Thailand, but the stone remained intact. He is now in the public domain.

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