The largest country in the world

On planet Earth there are about two hundred States and territories, which are located at 148 million square kilometres of land. Some of the countries area is small (for example, Monaco 2 sq km), and the other lies on several million square kilometers. It is noteworthy that the largest country is about 50% of the land. So what is the largest country in the world and where is it located?

The largest country in the world

Powerful state

The largest country consisting of separate republics in the 20th century was the Soviet Union. Part of the state consisted of 15 subjects from Central Asia to the Caucasus. Not every Republic located in the so-called fraternal Union was in it willingly, and very different cultures and the mentality was these people. Therefore, the «feet of clay» has ceased to exist at the end of the last century – as soon as the opportunity came, many former Soviet republics came out of his composition and began to build their independent state.


Russian Federation

Russia takes the first place among the largest States by area. The Russian Federation covers more than 17 million sq. km. in Spite of a considerable area, Russia ranks only ninth in terms of population density, the size of which is more than 146 267 288 people.

Russian Federation

The country’s capital is Moscow city is the most densely populated part of the state. Russia includes forty-six regions, the twenty-two republics and seventeen subjects of the Federation. The state is bordered by seven countries by land and two by sea (USA and Japan).

In Russia there are more than hundreds of rivers, length of which exceeds ten kilometers is the Amur, the don, Volga and others. In addition to rivers in the state are more than two million fresh and salt water bodies. One of the best known, lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. The highest point in the country is mount Elbrus with a height of about 5.5 km

The Russian government

Canada is the largest country in the world

Canada is a huge country located in the Northern part of the American continent. Huge that area of the country can compete only with Russia. The population is small, only 34 million people, and because most of this state is not suitable for living. The country comprises thirteen territorial entities, ten of which are called provinces and three territories. The capital of Canada is Ottawa – one of the largest cities of the state.


The entire North of Canada is covered in an icy desert, the rest is forest of coniferous trees. Rocky mountain is one of the most popular natural attractions of Canada, which are also located on the territory of the United States. On the territory of the Rocky mountains there are more than five national parks of the country that stand out as unforgettable landscapes.

the nature of Canada

On the territory there is a famous Express, which is composed of glass cars. Such a wonderful trip that will live long in the memory of each visitor. Lately it became popular to travel on this Express a young couple, to the knowledge not only of nature but also each other. Canada called the land of lakes, the most famous of them is the Upper area which is 83 270 sq m, and also bearish, which is included in the rating of the largest lakes in the world.

the fauna of Canada

Canada offers such a variety of vacations that they may appear complication is what to choose. Sports outdoors offers limitless given, plenty of rivers and lakes, a variety of climatic zones. Year-round cultural activities are available through the systematic festivals of the peoples of the Old and New world and cultural events, participation in which can anyone. For lovers of shopping open doors to countless shops, shopping malls, boutiques and antique shops.

tourism in Canada


People’s Republic of China is third with the largest area. On the territory of 9,5 thousand sq km and a population of over 1 billion. China is on the mainland Eurasia and shares borders with fourteen States. Part of the mainland, which is China, bordering the Pacific ocean and the seas. The country’s capital – Beijing. The country consists of thirty-one territorial subject: twenty-two provinces, four cities and five Autonomous regions.

modern China

Despite the huge historical past, quite a mixed ethnocultural composition of the population and the presence of national-territorial autonomy, people’s Republic of China is considered to be a unitary country with a strong management system and well-built vertical of power, which since 1949 continues to be the Communist party.

nature China

The trip to China for many people is one of the most memorable and informative. Being open to guests, the state will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of the rare monuments, some of which are over five thousand years. The most famous monument is the Great wall of China. One of the most visited sections – Badaling takes place in the direct vicinity of Beijing. From the local aboriginal people, tourists can learn many legends and myths associated with this monument.

historical places of China

Definitely must go in the forbidden city in the centre of the capital of China, built in the 15th century. Until 1912 it was the Central seat of the great emperors of the country, namely the Ming and Qing dynasties. Here you can see firsthand how living representatives of these Royal dynasties, what was their life, what they admired. This place is the throne of the Chinese emperors, known as the «celestial throne». Struck by the colossal statues of lions made of bronze.

the national tradition of China

The largest country in the world was and remains one of the most mysterious places. Judge for yourself, next to the majestic monuments of the oldest civilization of the giants of modern industry.


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