The largest country in Europe

Europe or the Old world is a place which has opened for mankind new frontiers. Here was born the first social institutions, democracy and science. Natives of this territory can only admire, because among them are intrepid travelers, the great physicians and pioneers of mathematics and physics. It is here that you first started talking about the abolition of slavery, equality of rights of men and women, and a tolerant attitude towards people with a different sexual orientation. The overall focus on liberal values of Europe, does not make them similar to each other. Each state differs from another not only by the number of its residents, but area, which is located.

In this article we will talk about most major countries in Europe. If you take into account the entire world, the map will show that Russia has the largest territory, but as her condition captures not only Europe but also Asia, it would be wrong to include a huge state in this list.

Below we will examine three countries in increasing order of their square area.


The largest country in Europe – Ukraine. It takes as much as six percent of the total area of the continent. For a long time this country was one of the many republics of the Soviet Union. But at the end of the twentieth century the Soviet Union collapsed, and Ukraine has received a sovereign status. Kyiv city is the capital of this country, a population of about forty-five million people. It shares borders with several countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Moldavia and Hungary.


Coming out of the USSR in 1990, the Ukrainian people thought can live in new ways. But being a developed Republic in the Soviet years, with its agricultural and industrial complexes, the state was in deep crisis in the nineties. The trouble was that the country was not its gold reserve and the monetary system.

Only at the beginning of the two thousandth’s, the economy began to operate fine. Research laboratories, right to work agriculture, the production of steel to introduce high technology. This rise according to many historians was due to the effects of the so-called «orange revolution».

Kiev - capital of UkraineKiev — capital of Ukraine

If to speak about a stable climate, we can see that the South has a Mediterranean type in the North is more moderate. The country’s wealth lies in its unique nature and incredible views.


Fashion centre of Europe is situated on the map next to Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. The country area is about half a million square kilometers. Population, as of 2016, is about sixty-five million people. A large part of the population of winemaking speaks beautiful French language, also here there are immigrants from Algeria and other African States. France was the mastermind behind the organization of the European Union, which now includes many countries. Capital – Paris, the place where a dream of every tourist.


Despite its small size, the country has a huge nuclear potential, so it is better not to clash with them.

The most prominent politician during the entire existence of the country was a man named Charles de Gaulle. In seven years at the helm of man could lift the country’s economy, conduct some very important and unique reform, in particular, he introduced the recommendation of the state planning. So that the country could produce many times more, increasing income per capita or, on the economic side, it would be correct to say, GDP.

Flag Of FranceFlag Of France

What is famous in France? By producing its own wine. This was possible in a temperate climate, which is most areas of the state. It also has a well-developed mass agriculture, to ensure the best products are not only its inhabitants but also the whole world.


In the South-West of Europe is the beautiful Spain. The whole territory of the state are located near areas of water and mountains: there is the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean, and the border is guarded by the Pyrenees, stretched out on a large part of the land. The area of this state reaches the numbers 498 209 square kilometers. Next to her are a pleasant neighbourly country: Portugal, Andorra, France, Gibraltar and Morocco. Capital – Madrid. And the whole territory is divided into seventeen districts. The number of people living in Spain for well over forty million, currently known the exact figure of forty-seven.


The fate of Spain are somewhat similar to the fate of Russia: a lot of internecine civil wars, participation in all world collision, a huge amount of repression. If you remember, Ernest Hemingway decided and went to fight in Spain for the liberation of people from the Nazi values, later the writer spoke about his journey in the novel «For whom the bell tolls». This book describes a real Spanish reality, which will not only help to understand the local people’s mentality, but also to feel the love of this brave people.

Now this country all in the past. It is much more developed than some EU countries. The economy adjusted to automaticity, working agricultural and industrial complex. This was made possible thanks to the competent policy of the state. The fact that officials strongly encourage aspiring entrepreneurs small business: give good subsidies and exempt from the high taxes. Therefore, in the country, the highest rate of export of raw materials and products among all the countries of Europe.

The Flag Of SpainThe Flag Of Spain

The people of this country love to host visiting tourists. Come can stroll along the endless number of green parks, to see the architecture in the centre of Madrid, to visit more than one Museum, and go to Catalonia to enjoy the churches gaudí and the Museum of Pablo Picasso.

Statesmen isolated in the country a number of advantages over other States: all equipment is only high-tech, science and art go a few steps forward, the sport developed so much that the Spanish hegemony in football does not stop for many years.

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