The largest country in Africa

Africa is a huge continent, and it is not surprising that it features as many as 12 countries, whose area exceeds one million square kilometers.

Until 2011 the largest country in Africa was considered Sudan (2.5 million square kilometers), but as a result of ethnic conflict, the state was divided into two parts (North and South) and palm moved to Algeria.


The current record holder, Algeria is the largest country in Africa and 10th in the world. The state occupies an area of 2 381 740 square kilometers. Its neighbors are the 6 countries.


I wonder that, occupying such a huge area, Algeria can boast of densely populated areas. The country is very small population density of 14.8 people per kilometer. For comparison, the density in Monaco, the most densely populated country — 16205 person on one kilometer.

In principle, it is not surprising – most of the territory of Algeria (80%) is the Sahara desert. General population – 93% living in the North of the state along the coastal strip and the foothills of the Atlas mountains. This narrow stretch of the Mediterranean coast with a fertile sub-tropical climate and fertile lands suitable for residence in Algeria (only 3% of the total territory is arable land and 2% of the forest). In the wilderness live among the nomadic tribes of Berbers, who for millennia were able to adapt to harsh conditions.

Algur Sahara

The country can not boast of great human resources, but in the Sahara desert producing oil and gas, which make up the lion’s share of the state economy (5th largest producer of these minerals in the world).

The largest country in Africa is only 8 in the list of countries «black continent» in the number of residents. In Nigeria (of 166.6 million), a country which occupies the 1st place, is home to people 5 times more than in Algeria (to 36.5 million).

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