The largest cemetery in Europe

Cemetery to date, all the «expand» and occupy any country in the world considerable size of the square. And if the relatives of the deceased had come here to honor the memory of loved ones, is that more and more cemeteries become a kind of cultural and historical place where tourists come to relax, believing it their duty to visit the graves of famous writers, politicians, military leaders, composers. What is the largest cemetery in Europe, which is striking for its huge size?

1 Rostov-on-don – North cemetery

North cemetery in Rostov-on-don

This is the largest cemetery in Europe, which is listed for its size known to the Guinness Book of records. It is located in the Northern part of the city and covers an area of over 350 ha. it buried more than 355000 dead. Opened the North cemetery in 1972. At the main entrance visitors are greeted by» the Memorial stone that is a memorial song with a sublime cross. In the cemetery stands the temple (the Holy virgin), there is a columbarium and a crematorium. Besides that this place is recognized as the largest in Europe, it is the greatest one all over the country.

2 Saint-Petersburg – Northern cemetery

North cemetery in St. Petersburg

One of the largest cemeteries in Europe can be called the final resting place of the dead in the Northern part of St. Petersburg. The cemetery captures the territory of 300 hectares, in size slightly smaller than the cemetery in Rostov-on-don.

3 Nizhny Novgorod – Novoorlovskoe cemetery

Nizhny Novgorod Novoorlovskoe cemetery

Nizhny Novgorod is a place of burial, too, is considered to be the largest cemetery in Europe, as it is already allocated 220 hectares of land. Whereas the local government once said that this area is incredibly big and «rolls over» as the norm, which is only 40 hectares.

4 Odessa – the Western cemetery

Western cemetery in Odessa

Slightly smaller in size than Nizhny Novgorod cemetery, the burial site in the Western part of Odessa. By area, this place is 200 hectares.

5 Vienna Central cemetery

The Central cemetery in Vienna

Incredible size and unique beauty differs Vienna cemetery, which has a land area of 2.4 km2. It is buried over 3,000,000 dead people. Created a cemetery, more like a beautiful Park and a great place for a family holiday, in 1874. From the main entrance is a wide Avenue which allows you to visit the burial sites of famous people of Austria (Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms) and to raise their cultural level. Thousands of fans of the music of famous Austrian composers and musicians visit this place every year, aiming to visit the graves of deceased celebrities.

6 Paris – Pere-Lachaise

The cemetery of Pere-Lachaise in Paris

This place is a real Museum of tombstones, because it is in Pere Lachaise buried Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, honoré de Balzac, Sarah Bernhardt and other French celebrities that once delighted the society with their talents. Also in this cemetery were buried the Russian Decembrists.

The area is the cemetery, which was opened by Napoleon in 1804, is approximately equal to 48 hectares. A total of approximately 30,000 graves here. Most of all in Paris and one of Europe’s largest cemetery is visited annually by millions of tourists who seek to honor the memory of great men and wonder at the incredible beauty of this place.

7 Roman catacombs

Roman catacombs

Imagine a pretty interesting place of burial of the dead. The catacombs is made in the form of underground tunnels, which created a network and is used for burial. Only in Rome there are about sixty different catacombs where he is buried 750000 dead. And here was once kept even the remains of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul executed in Rome. Of tourists, every year it attracts a huge number, this place attracts not only the opportunity to see the remains of prominent people, but also the desire to enjoy the beautiful murals on the walls, beautiful frescoes and particularly beautiful sarcophagi.

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