The largest cat breed in the world

Nowadays people love to display new wide variety of animal species, especially when we are talking about cats. Cats are among the most popular Pets, because they can be fluffy and graceful, lovely and beautiful, tender and funny. And they compete in their sizes, each time putting more dizzying records. Each cat is large in size, their features, their character and habits, and they are evaluated on different parameters: length, weight, and, of course, growth. In this article we will try to sort out this cat’s magnificence and find out what is the biggest cat breed in the world.

The largest cat breed in the world


Now most big cats are the breeds Maine Coon and Savannah. They are constantly competing with each other, being the largest breeds of domestic cat. In third place at some point rose cat Asher, but it was just one of the types of breed Savannah, so I gave my spot to other rivals.

Breed Of Usher

This breed was bred in the kennel San Diego (USA) and received its name in honor of the pagan goddess. Weight of males can reach 15 kg., females 10 kg., These cats get along well with children and become the favorites of all family members for his gentle and affectionate character.

However, it is still not clear whether the decision on disqualification of the ushers, because in this breed in addition to gene Serval, which is in Savannah, mixed the genes of predatory cats. In the meantime, to solve this issue, we will review the existing list of leaders.

cat breed Asher

The Savannah cat breed

This is the hardest domestic cat, but it also has high growth. Its average weight is 14 kg, although sometimes there are some giants weighing 20 kg. Growth in Savannah is 60 see Savannah too is a cause for dispute, because she was taken out of the mixing of Serval and domestic cat. But, if you remember that all pet cats once came from the wild, everything falls into place. The breed is involved in the US even with the 80-ies of the last century and the first kittens were born in 1986.

Breed Savannah

The first cat that got into the Guinness book of records the title of the largest home was the Trouble, growth 48 see besides, cats of this breed are considered the most expensive and not every family can afford to have such a beauty. The price of a kitten ranges from 4 to 20 thousand dollars. Savannah is one of the most intelligent cats, with a graceful spotted leopard color.

the Savannah cat breed

Breed Maine Coon

It’s quite a popular cat, which is known not only for its size but perfect appearance. They are very adorable, very fluffy, have ears, tassels, and bright colorful colors. The average weight of Maine coons equal to 10 kg, height up to 40 cm

Maine Coon

The first representative of this breed appeared in the North American state of Maine. Bushy tail and distinctive striped coloration makes them look like raccoons, hence the name of the breed. In Coon means raccoon. The most famous cat of this breed Stewie. He earned the title of the longest cat – 123 cm and this record was recorded in the Guinness book of records.

Breed Sause – home jungle cat

Representatives of this breed is also often enough occupied the first place in the ranking of the largest cats in the world. Sausi there are jungle cats, they came by crossing jungle cats and cats-Abyssinians. It was bred specifically to stop people keeping wild cats in captivity. Sause reach your weight 18 kg, and in height 40 cm

cat breed Sause

Despite the presence of wild roots, these cats are very friendly and loyal to their owners, although not especially like it when they are held. Muscular, hardy, and inquisitive, they have a fairly independent character.

Breed Guy

They’re not as huge as the previous representatives, but still significantly more than their conventional counterparts. The highest rates from males, their average weight is 9 kg they Also established the largest record length is 1 m. These cats are very similar to the soft rag dolls, not so much for the vernal species, but because of his character. They are adorable, cute, affectionate and not aggressive.

kittens Guy

Breed Pixie-Bob

These short-haired cats are often referred to as a domesticated lynx, and for good reason. They are really very similar to the lynx, and were withdrawn from them. They look like a smaller copy of a wild animal. This is the rare species of cats, which has ear tufts and a short tail. The largest cat breed in the world reaches such indicators: males have on average 8 kg, females — 5 kg.

cat breed Pixie Bob

Siberian cat

From the title immediately clear that this breed was developed in Russia. These cats stand out is their dimensions. Males weight up to 12 kg. These cats deserve their popularity at the expense of character and appearance. Fluffy, soft and charming, they just wanted to cuddle on his hands besides, they love to receive affection and is very attached to his master. Also they are absolutely safe for Allergy sufferers. And of course not the last role in their popularity is played by the size.

cats of the Siberian breed

Interesting records

Sometimes, the Champions had some very funny cats. For example, the heaviest cat was a representative of the title of «Most loose house cat» with a funny name spongebob. He weighed about 15 kg, but now he had to go on a diet.

cat spongebob

He was the last ranked in this category the first place. because the category was decided to exclude it to fans of fame, their owners did not torture the poor animals. After all there were cases when the owners of the cat had made his victory, sacrificing the life of your pet. That is what happened with the cat Heimii from Austria who was able to gain weight at 21 pounds. Unfortunately, obesity is his undoing.

the fat cat

How can anything be proud that you’re the owner of a cat largest breeds, but it is not necessary to forget that to keep the giant is quite difficult. You need to take care of their Pets, to take care of their health, give them love and care, then you become the owner of the happiest cat in the world.

cats of large breeds

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