The largest breed of monkeys

Each person though time in life asked the question: «What is the biggest monkey in the world?». To satisfy his curiosity we leaf through books, looking for pictures, surf the Internet. But to see the biggest Primate to verify its existence, we go to the zoo. So what is the biggest breed of monkeys?

The gorilla is the largest Primate on the planet

These large animals sort of monkey belong to the Primate order. Habitat — Africa. For the first time managed to describe this animal in 1847 Thomas Sevices, American missionary.

The largest breed of monkeys

The male can reach a height of 2 m, the Female also grows to about 1.4 meters. A record growth was recorded by the male mountain gorilla, which was 2.32 meters in height. It was at the beginning of the 20th century.

The average weight of males ranges weighs 130 — 250 kg (in captivity up to 270 kg), and thus can lift a weight weighing in at 980 pounds. The females grow up to half their weight is 60-100 kg

The body of a gorilla

The body of this animal is very strong and sturdy. Powerful foot gorilla and strong hands allow the mammal easily navigate holding on to branches of trees. The arms are stronger and longer than legs. The primacy of observed short and thick coat of dark color. When the primacy reaches 15 years of age, the hair becomes silver-grey, and on the back the visible band colour silver.

Upright goril

APE is an animal called because of the ability to stand on hind legs and walk. Although the main form of transportation remains walking on four legs, which rest on the back of the bent fingers of the front feet. Go in order to maintain the sensitivity and integrity of the skin on the palms.

Gorilla is one of the closest relatives of humans. The DNA of gorillas and humans coincide to 98 percent.

What is APE?

Basically, the diet of gorillas consists of plant foods. Primates prefer bamboo shoots, leaves, bulbs, fruits, celery, grape vines, nettles. In the lower part of the fruit and nuts. Food of animal origin is rarely used. Sometimes can eat ants, worms, termites and insect larvae. Also use natural mineral additives (chalk, clay). Male gorillas in a day can eat up to 20 kg of food.

What eats a gorilla

These anthropoids along with the lush greenery and absorb necessary for the body. Therefore, water in its pure form is rarely used. Are not fans of water treatments, especially they do not like rain.

Reproduction of primates

Gorilla with a baby

These primates live to 30-40 years, and in captivity can live up to 50 years. Females become sexually Mature at 10 years, and sexual maturity males reach to 11-12 years. The couple is born only one child per pregnancy, which lasts 8-9 months. Despite the huge size of the animal, the calf is born weighing 1.5 — 2 kg. the Baby stays with the mother while the pair won’t have another baby. Over a lifetime, the female gives birth to three little gorillas. The upbringing of offspring does the female. After three years of age the baby becomes an independent member of the pack.

Where are the gorillas?

Live de gorila

Home to the apes there are forests in Central and West Africa. On the slopes of the Virunga mountains which are covered with forests, live the mountain gorillas. These primates prefer to live in groups. The main family — the adult male. Also in the pack lives one immature male and females with cubs under the age of 8 years. On average there are 15 — 20 individuals. Sometimes the inside of the pack there are quarrels and conflicts, mostly between females.


These shy primates are very peaceful. You can not say in appearance. The only enemy is man. Other animals only attack to protect. With similar fighting rarely. If you select female primates males are limited to demonstration of force.

Fighting between males

The daily routine is determined by the leader. The first half of the day gorillas prefer food. Once satisfied, go for a walk. While females are strictly watching their cubs. In the hottest time of the day, the activity decreases. The primates are prepared to rest. Daily rest lasts for several hours. Some fall on the ground, and the other building for this «nest.» Night’s sleep lasts up to 13 hours.


Primates are able to identify positive and negative emotions. They laugh and cry, but without tears. It is clear from the sad sounds. To show his power and authority, the primacy of the male gets on his hind legs and «beat their Breasts, uttering at the same loud noises.

Gorillas in captivity

Gorillas are endangered species. They have very little. This view has not disappeared completely, practiced their maintenance in captivity. Where Primates thrive and multiply.

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