The largest Boeing in the world

Modern man is not its existence without aircraft. Today, constructed more than two thousand aircraft, which have their own characteristics and purpose. They differ in size, functionality and security. The difference is impressive. If we compare a small aircraft designed for one pilot and a passenger liner, then the first will seem just a speck of dust on the background of the second. Today there is the largest in the world the Boeing is a Boeing 747.


The Boeing 747 is the largest passenger plane that has a popularity around the world. The pilots and passengers even coming up with different nicknames for almost 40 years the Boeing 747 the champion of passenger traffic. Today, it remained one record is the maximum length for the aircraft. The first Boeing 747 was released in 1969, since that time, and began his story. Specialists designers, the present day design and improve this model.

The background history of the Boeing 747

In the early 1960s, the world began to develop rapidly in terms of trade was large-scale air transportation. Predecessor voeіpda747, Boeing707 – could not cope with the volume of traffic. The flow of wanting to fly quickly and comfortably increased with each passing day, the designers of the Boeing began to develop a counterpart.

Joe Sutter in 1965 was the main developer, which is the most researched consumer market. After research, he was the senior designer who was responsible for Boeing747. The bid for passenger transport, the inventors dreamed of a sound aircraft. Therefore, from the outset, the Boeing 747 was a cargo plane and then Combi. Designers developed all the planes as cargo, and that it did slope. The maximum liberated the place, and even endured the cockpit to fit more cargo.

Joe SutterJoe Sutter

In 1966, the designers of the Boeing first revealed the layout of the new aircraft under the designation 747. In its original form the aircraft had two decks, but with this design had many problems. Soon was offered the option to do it in the form of capsules by hand. After was presented the final version, received an order for production of the 747 of PanAm company in the amount of 25 pieces.

This company has made some changes in the design of the aircraft, it was modified the length of the wings, chassis design, it was also decided to increase the weight to 308443 pounds.

Key features

The Boeing 747 has four engines on a jet basis, interesting housing and large dimensions. The main improved features distinguish among other Boeing airplanes, and, of course, today it is a leader in the transportation and most popular aircraft in the world. It is necessary to highlight some perfection:

  • Improved aerodynamics.
  • New solutions reduce induction resistance.
  • Changed the internal design, the comfortable crew cab and comfortable interior for passengers.

The instrument panelThe instrument panel

One of the notable improvements of the aircraft are the wings that have changed in size and become more functional. After a series of changes wings in height began to reach 6 ft, aerodynamic surface was a bit wrapped up and played out. After all innovation duration of flights increased, and the flow rate of the fuel material is decreased. In connection with such savings Boeing has reduced fuel consumption by up to 4%. If you calculate the total amount for all the time, it turns out a huge amount. The Boeing 747 is the fastest airliner, the speed of which may reach 940 km/h.


The Boeing 747 is much more spacious their counterparts from a modified deck. These innovations allow it to accommodate 1075 passengers, with comfort at a high level in business class and in economy class. Today the cockpit is also completely changed: all the appliances were replaced with new digital elements, whereby the number of pilots was reduced to two people, and control of the aircraft was simplistic. All important information is displayed on the LCD screen.

On Board the aircraft for ease of movement were designed straight stairs, and spiral is not that as easy as possible movement.

The cabin of the Boeing 747The cabin of the Boeing 747

Has changed and the cabin. Now passengers had more space, which made the flight more comfortable. Shelves for Luggage and personal belongings has been increased in volume. In addition, the Board established a special broadcast system for watching movies and videos.

Due to the fact that the upper deck was extended, it set a few additional outputs. The details of the new Boeing updated the engine became famous manufacturers, featuring good quality and endurance. So got Boeing with a maximum speed of 940 km/h and weight of 350 tons.

Technical data of the Boeing 747:

  • The total length of the plane – of 70.7 meters.
  • The height of the aircraft is 19.5 meters.
  • The wingspan of 120 meters.
  • The width of the cabin for passengers is 6 meters.
  • The wing area – 1022 sq. m.
  • Speed – 940 km/h.
  • The flight range of 12500 km
  • Weight without passengers – 175000 kg.
  • The altitude inside the aircraft – 13755 M.

For economy class subject to 580 seats. The crew of the aircraft included two pilots and one engineer. In connection with the popularity of the model was invented by Boeing for cargo and passenger Boeing, but with less flight duration.

The Purpose Of The Boeing 747

With the start of production of the Boeing carriers with mistrust airliner. At the same time, some organizations began to develop a smaller aircraft with three engines. Many believed that they will be able to displace Boeing, because the large size of the Boeing questioned his efficiency on long-haul routes. Also, due to the large dimensions of the infrastructure at some airports could not meet the champion. Of course, companies engaged in passenger transportation was concerned about the high fuel consumption, which required Boeing to flight. Some airlines immediately refused to buy the plane for fear of raising ticket prices because of high fuel consumption.

The Boeing 747 is the king in the skyThe Boeing 747 is the king in the sky

The companies concern about this was the reason, because in the 1970’s during the fuel crisis, fuel skyrocketed in price. In this regard, passenger transport maximum decreased. The Boeing 747 went in flight half-empty. Some airlines went to the trick: decided to remove a few rows of passenger seats and to install these bars and places musical instruments in the hope of attracting in this way more passengers. But, as practice showed, it was not enough. Many airlines have converted the aircraft cargo or resell them to other owners.

In populated countries today, the Boeing 747 used on short flights or to destinations that are in high demand. Of course, for long flights it previously used a Boeing 747. The largest number of Boeing was in the national company of Japan, namely 73 pieces. At the same time all the equipment has been decommissioned, and the last flight of » Boeing took place in March 2011.

In Russia, a Boeing 747 operated the largest private airline, ceased its activities in 2015, and the largest cargo airline «AirBridgeCargo».

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