The largest bat in the world

In our latitudes mostly bats, which have small size (up to 7 cm). However, these animals are able to instill fear and terror on the person that comes into contact with them. And if you imagine that the largest bat in the world has more dimensions? And generally what size can reach these animals? It turns out that there were real giants among bats – the giant Golden flying foxes, which are members of the order Chiroptera and the family of bats.

Giant Golden flying Fox

What they are called so?

Giant flying Fox (or Pteropus vampyrus) got its name for the fact that her face is very reminiscent of the Fox. In addition, the color of the head of the same reddish color as a Fox. So when you look at the bats the animal, it seems that we look at the little Fox.

Sizes and the external features of the flying foxes

Externally, the largest bat in the world like a Fox

Truly amazed by the size of the Pteropus – length adult individuals grow to 55 cm, and the scope of their wings can be at least 180 cm Weigh giant Golden Fox from 0.6 to 1.5 kg. the largest bat in the world has big bulging eyes and a small tail. Reddish muzzle is pointed, and the ears are the largest bat in the world is quite small. The back of this animal is an ashy-black color interspersed with white stripes.

Where he lives?

Giant flying Fox lives in tropical forests

Inhabits a giant Golden flying Fox in the rainforest – their home she chooses sweeping the forest, where she is comfortable and well. So to meet these bats are animals that according to experts there are approximately 58 species in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Indochina, Philippines. However, as with every rule there are exceptions, and the bats can live not only in forests they occur in the highlands (at an altitude of 1300 meters or above).

Lifestyle flying foxes

Like all members of bats, giant flying Fox leads a night way of life. During the day she usually sleeps hanging from a tree branch upside down, while she firmly grabs the branch with his claws. It can also hang upside down in the daytime and in the stone cave or the hollow of a tree. It is worth noting that sleeping bats flocks, and similarly fly flocks of flying foxes may be assessed more than 1000 individuals.

Sleeping giant flying foxes in packs

Great wings this is the largest bat in the world uses to hide his body like a blanket, and in hot weather the wings very well help her to escape from the heat fanning out like a fan flying Fox gets a welcome coolness.

When sunset comes, that is after dark, giant flying foxes go to the production of food. Since they sleep during the day, it is very vulnerable because these are the people who prefer to eat from the meat of fruit bats. For this reason, this species of animal at one time was even on the verge of extinction, and there was a question regarding the preservation of their species. But their population was restored, but now the main threat to flying foxes are snakes and birds of prey.

What to eat giant flying foxes?

Feed on giant flying foxes fruit

They are not predators as you might think just by looking at them. They prefer vegetarian food, eat fruits (bananas, mango, papaya, avocado). However, they cause serious damage to plantations of farmers engaged in growing fruit. Sometimes flying foxes prefer to make in your diet of various insects.

For the search of food, these bats do not use echolocation, as do their counterparts, because they do not need. Bats have more trust in his innate, acute sense of smell and a remarkable sight at night.


Giant flying Fox in flight

Every year the female of this species may make no more than one cub. The future of the baby she’s carrying for six months. Usually the cubs are born in the spring. As soon as the baby was born, the first few weeks the mother carries it for themselves. Then leaves him alone on the branch, and only after that returns to him to teach him to fly. A couple of months it takes to create a full-fledged member of the pack, which will fly along with all and produce their own food.

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