The largest aquarium in the world

Today we take a tour of an amazing place – the largest aquarium in the world. Here you can admire the underwater scenery and to explore the diversity of marine fauna.

The Georgia Aquarium

the Georgia aquarium

The Georgia aquarium that has a capacity of over 32 cubic tons of seawater, is located in Atlanta, United States. In the biggest aquarium of the world live four young sharks, some whales, four Beluga whales and many rare species of aquatic – only there are more than 120 thousand animals.

To place the TX, took 20 acres of land located in downtown Atlanta. There is the aquarium thanks to Bernie Marcus, when laid out from his own pocket quite a tidy sum — 250 million dollars.

the Georgia aquarium

For this, a lot of people feel in the aquarium as a home, the experts have taken care to recreate a familiar environment for them – all of these areas 60. Visitors have a unique opportunity through the glass to observe the life of different ocean ecosystems.

Three years ago the aquarium opened an exhibition dedicated to the frogs. If you ever have to visit the biggest aquarium of the world, will visit the exhibition recreates the life of the Mesoamerican reef – here you will find 100 thousand different species of flora and fauna. With their life you can observe with the thirty-meter transparent tunnel. Well, if you want to have your own aquarium can contact AQUA-STO

Sydney aquarium

Sydney aquarium

One of the largest aquariums in the world — its worth a visit. It is located near the Pyrmont bridge, on the East darling harbour. To get inside, you have to go straight into the jaws of a huge shark.

Here you can see not only the tunnel with sharks or seals, but also six thousand fish and other representatives of the ocean waters. According to rumors, when a huge shark with a length of 3 meters and a weight of three hundred kilograms floats over my head — the memory remains forever in this fantastic moment.

the Georgia aquarium

The audience loves Australian sea lions — you can observe them not only through the glass of the underwater tunnel, but with the height of the observation deck. In the vicinity of these animals in the aquarium are living little penguins. This journey into the wonderful world full of unknown inhabitants, to which, it would seem that you can reach out a hand, will leave an unforgettable impression in children and adults.

The highlight of the aquarium is the dugongs when they were living on the Gold Coast of Australia, and seven years ago, they were moved to Sydney and are now side by side with the sea pig.

Entertainment center in Dubai

aquarium Dubai

Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre has been functioning since 2008, it is one of the largest aquariums in the world in which they live more than 30 thousand fish and 85 thousand of marine life. Here you can admire sharks do through a huge viewing window area exceeds 270 square meters. This acrylic window holds a ton of water and is listed in the Guinness Book of records.

The aquarium recognized the largest indoor aquarium. There you are going to extreme pleasure dive with sharks. For people untrained provided a short training course, and those who are familiar with diving firsthand — have to plunge into without preparation.

aquarium Dubai

Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre visitors can admire not only the representatives of the ocean depths, but also to walk around the shops — there are more than a thousand, to visit the cultural and entertainment sites and close to eat at a fish restaurant.

The largest aquarium at home

an aquarium at home

Jack Hiscott, a citizen of England, so in love with you to admire the underwater inhabitants, in order that each time not to travel to the largest aquarium in the world, built it at home. 37-year-old man built in the basement of his five-room house, a small pond, capable of holding 18 m3 of water. In your personal aquarium live exotic representatives of the waters of the Amazon and the Congo.

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