The largest airport in the world

Today the most common form of transport become aircraft. After all, to fly aircraft much faster and even safer than to use to move to other modes of transport. The world’s major airports are more than passenger traffic in the tens of millions of people. So where are these transport nodes, which are not only a great number of passengers, but also for its considerable space?

1 Airport Hatsfield-Jackson (United States)

Airport Hatsfield Jackson

Located transportation hub Atlanta is 11 miles away from the city. It really is the biggest airport in the world, which is the most loaded. A year he is able to pass 92000000 passengers. Considered to be one of the few that are able to work with a triple landing of aircraft. Most are going on domestic flights, as Americans it is cheaper to navigate the territory of their country on airplanes. The area of this transport node is 5800000 square feet – for a given parameter, the airport is second only to Hong Kong and Bangkok airports. To operate this airport, in which six runways, began in 1926. It was in this year here flew the first airplane. In 2015 it was planned to improve the work of the transport hub of Atlanta and the traffic flow will increase to 120000000, which allocated funds in the amount of $ 9000000000.

2 O’hare Airport (United States)

O'hare Airport

The air hub was built in 1942-1943 in the suburbs of Chicago. Ridership is 80000000. The first commercial flight from here was made in 1955. Relatively recently the Chicago airport was the leader in number of passengers, but gradually the palm is lost due to attempts by Federal authorities to reduce the number of flight delays. Here has four terminals and nine halls, providing 189 outputs to the courts.

3 Heathrow Airport (England)

Heathrow Airport

Features of this transport hub is positioned low in relation to sea level and the direction of the runways from the West to the East. So, the planes start their flight directly over London. Also at the airport, excellent connections with the capital of the country. At the airport waiting for your flight can use the services of hairdressers, café, or relax in a specially designated room. The airport’s passenger traffic for the year is 70000000 people.

4 international Haneda airport (Japan)

International airport Haneda

The number of passengers this airport is recognized as the largest in Asia. It was originally established to implement domestic flights, but today a considerable part falls on the international. Japanese airport, designed to carry a year 70000000 passengers, built by three level: ground floor – a common building, the second is made in the form of a round tower with glass walls, and the third upper, made in the form of a disk. The top resembles the structure when viewed from afar, the hat that has a wide field. There are special areas for people with disabilities, for children and for mothers with babies.

5 international airport Los Angeles (United States)

International airport Los Angeles

Los Angeles airport is made with four strips for takeoffs and landings of aircraft. Feature of it is the implementation of nine terminals in the form of the letter «U» for which they are called horseshoes. During the year, the airport is able to carry 60000000 passengers.

6 Dallas (United States of America)

The international airport of Dallas

And this airport provides passengers in the amount of 60000000 people. In Texas it is the largest. Here are seven lanes of takeoffs and landings of aircraft and four terminals. Today he is recognized as one of the best among carrying cargo, but the main flight is, of course, passengers.

7 international airport Charles de Gaulle (France)

International airport Charles de Gaulle

This transport hub that provides transport 60000000 passengers, on the European side is the most comfortable material for transplants. There are two railway station, and therefore, from here you can go to any city in France. From Paris airport is located 25 km ( in a North-easterly direction). There are three terminals – two domestic flights, one for Charter. A feature of the Paris airport is situated on a grassy ground, which sometimes allows passengers to admire the rabbits that live in the area.

8 Airport Frankfurt am main (Germany)

Airport Frankfurt am main

The airport, which is able during the year to carry 52000000 passengers, are equipped with two standard terminals and one for special persons. There are four strips for takeoffs and landings. It is here were first to automatically sort the baggage.

9 Hong Kong international airport (China)

Hong Kong international airport

From Hong Kong it is located in 34 km, and is Considered to be comfortable in the world, because the terminal made what is called «for the people», the layout is simple, and all the signs are intuitive. The hall passengers travel shuttles. Passenger traffic here is 48000000 people.

10 Denver international airport (United States)

Denver international airport

142-kilometer area transportation hub is recognized as the largest in the United States. Passenger traffic here is 47000000. Is a kind of local landmark, as from a distance like a snow-covered mountain slopes. Feature of the airport is some vorticity runways surrounding the terminals. And the main terminal allows you to see unusual paintings, help to reflect on the meaning of life.

11 Domodedovo Airport (Moscow)

Domodedovo Airport

The largest airport in Russia – Domodedovo, which is already pretty old. It was built in 1963. Since then, he has received considerable recognition and passengers. It is also the largest airport in Moscow, where annual passenger 20000000 people. However, this figure is growing all the time, and the airport continues to offer passengers the highest quality of services.

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