The island, which has excluded civilized development

For anyone interested in history, there is good news – he’s got the opportunity to visit a lonely tribe that lives on the far southern island, which threw all the advantages of modern civilization, and the tradition of local aborigines remained unchanged for sixty thousand years. That means every traveler will be able to take in the sights of the stone age and see the existence of people of that era with my own eyes. But note one important caveat – the tribe does not share this interest, and researchers to see on your Bank will not be happy. Moreover, they want to get rid of annoying guests quickly and efficiently: just kill him.

The island, where live these hostile aborigines, is situated near Myanmar and is called North sentinel. Its area is about 72 square kilometers and people lived here for many years to completely exclude contact with civilization. The sentinels are quite happy with their situation and are under the protection of the official authorities of India, not having the need for a radical change.

North Sentinel


Communication with the external environment rejected by the local residents since they became known in the world, and it happened after the discovery of the island by researchers in the early eighteenth century. It is believed that the first people appeared in the stone age, continuing to exist in the ancient age.

Dangerous territory

Images and pictures mysterious terrain is almost out of stock, with a few exceptions. As many brave visitors to the island never returned. Those pictures that are made from afar and in most cases show you how the natives throw stones at the ships and planes passing and flying in the vicinity.

Dangerous territory


To come and to land on the island is not just not recommended, and is strictly prohibited to avoid accidents. In 2006, lost fishermen accidentally fell into the habitat of the tribe and were killed in a brutal way. Members of the coast guard wanted to pick up the bodies using a helicopter, but because of the aggressive actions of the natives were not even able to land the aircraft.

The mysterious nationality

The number of people who live on the island varies from fifty to four hundred, but the exact number could not be found. Main activity of sentinels is gathering and hunting. In the diet of the natives consists of the edible varieties of plants and roots, fish caught in shallow water and coconuts. In addition, they eat birds and turtles living on the island. But to the cultivation of the land the tribe is immaterial.

The mysterious nationality

The paradox of the ancient era

Despite the fact that the tribe lived almost in the stone age, its people know how to make things out of metal. Scientists suggest that the local people appeared about sixty thousand years ago and are descendants of the first African immigrants.


Assumptions of experts that the 2004 tsunami had completely destroyed the natives, but Intel has denied this theory. The element could change the landscape of the area, but not the foundations of life of the people. The offer of assistance was rejected, and way of life remained unchanged.

The mystery of modernity

Some researchers suggest that the missing plane flight 370 Malaysia airlines is on an island hidden in the jungle. And even if these talks are true, then the natives are not going to give the answer to the riddle of modern history, considering North sentinel own territory.

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