The iron deficiency: 10 typical signs

Adequate amount of this item allows a person to stay active, mobile, healthy. It is important to catch the signs that indicate lack of iron in the body to take action to replenish its reserves. Sometimes it is enough to include in the diet foods rich in iron to regain health and vigor.

1) Bruises for no reason (hematoma)

There was no hit, but on the arm or leg purple bruise? This is one of the signs of anemia.

The colour of this bruise, most often, is blue-red (mid hematoma shade of red, fringe – purple-blue). They appear or unjustly, or even by lightly pressing on the skin.

Bruises and hematomas in iron deficiency

Check the condition of the skin on the arms and legs (bruises resulting from iron deficiency, the «love» that limb) in order to respond to the problem.

2) hair Loss

This problem is accompanied by the development of other diseases, not just anemia.

When the amount of hair remaining on the comb, clearly exceeding the norm, it is necessary to take a blood test, perhaps the reason is iron deficiency.

Especially careful should be women, they are more prone to this disease.

Fatigue due to iron deficiency

3) Inability to concentrate

Attention span, difficulties with perception can be symptoms of iron deficiency.

For the timely transmission of impulses from the neurons to the muscles in charge of a special substances – neurotransmitters, because of a shortage of iron, the synthesis of these substances is disturbed, and the functionality of the body decreases.

4) Failures breathing, shortness of breath

Combined with chest pain (when performing a basic physical exercise), these symptoms can speak about existence of iron deficiency anemia.

Lethargy anemia

5) Lethargy and fatigue

If the food has not changed drastically, the calorie intake is not sharply reduced, a sufficient number of hours of sleep, and the person feels exhausted, the most likely cause of the iron deficiency.

For low hemoglobin metabolism slows down and, in addition to the loss of health, a person can still gain weight. It is important as quickly as possible, to understand the causes of this condition and to take action.

6) Brittle fingernails.

Many a child even rejoiced in the appearance of white longitudinal stripes on the nail plate – it was a symbol of «new things». The body, meanwhile, signaled a lack of iron.

The symptoms of anemia and iron deficiency

Any changes in the structure of the nail: its thickness, colors, shapes – a reason in order to pass the examination. Nails is one of the most sensitive indicators of iron deficiency.

7) Muscle spasms

Due to insufficient supply of iron in the body the production of oxygen to tissues interferes with the normal growth of red blood cells is impossible, in the blood of accumulated toxins. Muscle tissue reacts to this process pain.

If the loads are the same, but the muscles are sore – the reason is found in violation of iron deficiency.

How does anemia

8) Disruptions of the menstrual cycle

Irregular or painful periods, often – duration, large blood loss and cramps may indicate iron deficiency.

9) Pale skin

Particularly close attention is required this symptom if the skin suddenly turned pale. With high probability, can manifest itself in anemia.

Only the adjustment of the ration in this case is not enough, requiring a correction of iron levels with the help of special additives.

Diagnosis of anemia and iron deficiency

10) Loss of interest in life

Apathy, the mood in the key of «all is lost», a reluctance to communicate with family and friends – depressive view of events can be caused not only by a serious nervous disorder, but also to iron deficiency. By completing this resource, a person regain vigor and cheerfulness.

These signs and correct problems in the body immediately. But be aware of the dangers of self-medication: the presence of one of the above symptoms are reason to visit the doctor, not to appoint a drugs glands alone.

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