The Institute of professional massage: learning the techniques of massage and pressure therapy for athletic training

In addition to common massage techniques that offers to the study of the Institute of professional massage, there are a number of specific practices aimed at achieving concrete results and is focused on a very specific category of persons

Among these the massage practices taught in a specialized Institute professional massage, is sports massage and pressotherapy. In particular, such specific techniques useful for athletes-athletes who regularly do marathons races.

This massage technique, which helps to master the Institute of professional massage, improves muscle endurance, reduce swelling and normalize circulation. Another positive and quite noticeable to the athlete the effect is considered decrease in delayed onset muscle soreness syndrome, muscular swelling pain, which occurs a few days or even hours after intense, often unusual for an athlete, physical activity.

Features and benefits of acupressure and lymphatic drainage to sports massage practice

Lymphatic drainage pressotherapy is one of the most common medical techniques used by many practitioners-therapists as an effective method of treatment of varicose veins in the lower extremities.

Equally useful is the massage practice in the fight against cellulite, overweight and disorders of the blood microcirculation. This medical procedure has been gaining more and more popularity among modern athletes, helping to significantly reduce the recovery period between training sessions and performances as well as remove the swelling, pain and to eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome.

Pressotherapy is considered by many experts in the massage field for the less efficient technique compared with the sports massage.

Not long ago convened a special clinical trial, which compared the effectiveness of acupressure and massage. The study was conducted in the framework of the great American marathon, conducted by athletes in mountain area of Western America. The length of the route in this tournament was more than 160 kilometers.

Usually muscular pain during intense and prolonged exertion continued for a few days. Testers were selected from the participants of the marathon volunteers for the focus group, which after the event was immediately done in three subgroups. In the case of the first group had to undergo a course of massage for seven days, pressotherapy, with a third to be exercised control and supervision.

The results of this study, it was found that athletes who started to take a course of massage, immediately felt a significant reduction in muscle pain compared with the control group and the group which performed the pressure therapy. However, after seven days the difference between the first and second group in terms of pain was observed.

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