«The idiot test» for the worst violators of traffic rules


To check the adequacy of drivers-violators in Russia may be an auxiliary test, the same Idiotentest practiced in Germany.

German «the idiot test» required to pass the drivers — violators of traffic rules. To pass this test successfully is a quite complicated task. According to the Deputy chief of traffic police of Russia Vladimir Kuzin, in Russia such testing can wait for those who have been repeatedly caught drunk behind the wheel.

To date, the procedure to return driver’s license after removal complicated. Drivers have to retake the exam on knowledge of traffic regulations and pass medical inspection. But, as practice shows, this is not enough.

According to the rules Idiotentest, motorists deprived of the rights for drunkenness or other systematic violations, must undergo a 3-stage examination, which consists of computer testing on the rate of reaction and concentration, the interviews with psychologists and General medical examination. In the process of testing the driver-the offender must give physicians confidence that more will not tolerate driving while intoxicated.