The hottest place on Earth

The land donated by man, strange and beautiful. We can constantly admire its beauty and to use the gifts. And how many amazing places on the planet, once in which you realize how pathetic people in comparison with the great Outdoors. In our article we will talk about the hottest place on earth, where the temperature is very high for a human.

So, what place on the planet is the hottest? Before figuring out it was almost impossible, because people cannot remain at such temperatures, and the weather station refuse to work.

Recent research studies showed that the hottest place on earth is located in the middle East. We are talking about the desert dashte-LUT is in Iran. More recently, satellites detected that the temperature here reaches 70,72 degrees Celsius. Climatic phenomenon quickly found a logical explanation: the main distinguishing feature of the dark landscape that promotes active absorption of the sun’s rays during the day. This suggests that temperature records of this area can be considered the rule, not the exception. Desert Loot is quite impressive. It stretches for 550 km, the width is about 100 km. to Conduct research on such a large area is extremely difficult, especially because the weather station is not available in all areas.

Postale Loot

Abnormally high temperature indicator – not the only feature of the desert. Here is one of the largest dunes on the planet, it reaches a height of 407 meters. On the territory of the desert is still a few attractions: the powder plain and gorge Sirach. Strange, but solar radiation in this place has a healing effect.


On-site 100 50 kilometers, there are animals and vegetation, there is not even bacteria. Expedition, which were sent to the area say that the food, despite the heat practically does not deteriorate. At this temperature, will not even rot the carcass of the dead animal, it dries quickly.

Saline pool in the desert Loot

Another attraction of the desert is considered to be the saline river. By the way, she’s the only one on this site. The river rises in the mountains Birjand, breaking the 200 km, it flows into the salt mine called Shahada.

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