The hottest pepper in the world

Bitter, pungent pepper – without this seasoning is no kitchen in the world. It is added to sauces, meat dishes and even in soups and borscht. It is proved that hot peppers in moderation reduces stress and promotes the production of endorphins and warms and tones. Varieties of the pepper very much, but what is the hottest pepper in the world?

We are called hot peppers «chili» and many people think that this name came from the country, but in fact, chilli is translated as «red» and it came from the Aztec languages. But Cayenne pepper is not always just red – it can be yellow, purple, green and white, and orange. By crossing different varieties, there was a completely new species. To determine the Hotness of peppers, the Scoville scale is used, named after its Creator, American chemist Wilbur Scoville.

The hottest pepper

It is noteworthy that the substance capsaicin that gives peppers heat, is used in many fields, ranging from medicine to gas pistols and cartridges. The greater the percentage of this substance, the hotter the pepper.

Carolina Reaper

This variety has the highest Scoville – 2 200 000 units and has been grown in South Carolina, although his birthplace is Trinidad. A few years ago, he was listed in the Guinness book of world records as the hottest pepper in the world. It is not only impossible to try in a natural form, but also to touch him without gloves is not recommended.

Carolina Reaper

Use it in cooking especially spicy sauces. It has a chocolate-cherry hue and a so-called Scorpion tail. Prior to full ripening takes a long time – 8 to 9 months and requires a good watering and direct sunlight.

Processing hot peppers

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Grade Moruga Scorpion

Another native of Trinidad has an index of 2 009 231 units, and for many years held the title of «the hottest pepper in the world.» This species is one of the most searing that grow in the wild. Its spiciness is equivalent to a police pepper spray. If you bite off a small piece of pepper, that at first it may seem that he is not so sharp, but just a few minutes will start a strong burning sensation and you can even jump blood pressure. Fruity aroma of this variety gives a special touch of spice to dishes, but add it only in very small amounts.

Hot pepper Moruga Scorpion

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

This variety is also listed in the Guinness book of world records as the hottest pepper in the world – its pungency about 1 463 700 units. Brought this variety Butch Taylor USA by crossing other varieties. Is the name of the pepper is obtained thanks to the similarity of the fruit with the tip of the stinger of Scorpio. It lives up to its name and cooks before cooking with this pepper, first put on protective gloves and a mask. According to those who had to deal with this variety, numbness in the hands can last up to two days.

Grade Scorpion Butch

But despite this, its citrus-fruit flavor is very popular in many world cuisines. It is grown in greenhouses or in open ground with high humidity, in the process of ripening it changes color from green to orange, ready to harvest when it turns red.

Hot peppers, Scorpion Butch

Naga Viper

This variety was bred by a British breeder Gerald Fowler from the mixture of the other three varieties. To get seed from this pepper will have to join the queue as wanting to get to grow this strain very much. Since this pepper is an unstable hybrid, it loses its stinging properties every fresh tree.

The Variety Naga Viper


This variety also applies to the artificially derived and, although grown in Spain, is rarely used in the national cuisine. Brought it in the UK and is grown in fairly extreme conditions – under the greenhouse film indoors at a very high temperature. Pepper is not only taste, but also to take with bare hands is not recommended. Pungency – 1 086 844 units.

Grade Gibralta

Variety Of Bhut Dzholokiya Chocolate

A native of India, he is always present in all curry dishes, but in their natural habitat is extremely rare. This name he received for characteristic chocolate color and sweet flavor. But with the pepper need to be very careful – it is burning not less than its red relatives.

The Bhut Dzholokiya shokoladniy

The Bhut Dzholokiya

Another representative of the Guinness book of records – 1 001 304 units. And although today there are already more pungent varieties, he is one of the few that grow in the natural environment for many centuries in the Indian States. Indian police use properties of this plant in a special percovich grenades to pacify the bullies. In the North-Eastern region of India, this variety is most pressing, they even plaster the fences to scare off wild elephants from their homes.

Variety Of Bhut Dzholokiya

Trinidad Scorpion CARDI

This variety is also grown in Trinidad, got its name because of the special shape of the tip of the fetus, which resembles a Scorpion tail. Workers who have been breeding this variety, have to wear special protective suits and masks, so this pepper eats away the eyes irritates the nasal mucosa. Pepper successfully used in shipbuilding – they cover the bottom of the vessel to protect it from sticking clams. Military of Trinidad use the properties of this variety for the production of tear gas.

Grade Scorpion Cardi

Speak of the devil

This sort of family Habanera can also be attributed to the most spicy peppers in the world. The history of its origin is murky and it was first discovered on a plantation in Pennsylvania. According to experts, it has a nutty-fruity taste, but try to catch this taste can only be in the dish, which contains only a small amount of a seasoning.

The Variety Devil's Tongue

Hot peppers on our planet not so little – ones grow well in the wild, others have been bred by the breeders, but those and others like spicing up the dish and become a very dangerous weapon

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