The hottest country in the world

Qatar is located on the Arabian Peninsula, has established itself as the hottest country in the world. A small country located in the North-East of Asia, washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf. The first settlers appeared here in the third Millennium BC.


Its nearest neighbors are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE. The capital of Qatar is Doha, which is home to about half a million inhabitants, is almost half the total population of the state. In Qatar monarchy, all power is concentrated in the hands of the Emir, which can limit the scope of Sharia. Islam is practiced by the vast majority of residents. The main thrust of the Sunni.

In Qatar, the official language is Arabic, but many people know English well enough.



Economic growth of Qatar began in the 14th century – the warmest country in the world, won a reputation as exporter of pearls. When it turned out that poor British protectorate like Qatar, is an oil and gas source, the government started a path to prosperity.

There was a period when the economy of the country due to the diversion of revenues from oil and gas were neglected. But it ended when ruled in those years the Emir, by a bloodless coup, overthrew his own son. After that was finally resolved contentious issues with neighbors. And already, the year 2007 was indicative of the state’s economy – revenue from the sale of oil and gas was the same that brought Qatar into first place in the global ranking of income per capita.


The climate here is very hot. Frequent sand storms. In summer the thermometer seldom falls below 30 degrees, it happens that the column rises to 50°C. Winter runs here at an average temperature of 22°C above zero.



The Corniche, which stretches for 7 kilometers along the Persian Gulf, attracts tourists from all over the world. Stretching from the Sheraton to the MARRIOTT hotel, she as if designed for Jogging and skating. By the way, to ride on the waterfront bikes is prohibited. It made for easy walking.

Looking at the surrounding buildings, striking in its ornamentation and height, not to say that more recently, there was nothing but emptiness. And now here are the only five-star hotels, the main Museum of the capital of the hottest countries in the world, and many other administrative and cultural buildings.


Market created, recently created, to perfectly replicate the image of the market, has a long history. It is the merit of contemporary designers. Specifically for recreating the effect of antiquity were all demolished modern buildings, roofing iron was replaced by bamboo, straw and clay. The decoration of the walls, we used a simple plaster.

Here you can relax in cafes and restaurants and Shisha. You will enjoy the beauty of Oriental fabrics and magical flavours of spices make spin the head. Here you can buy jewelry from this gold and taste the exotic sweetness.

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