The hottest city in the world

Today, a lot of people extremely poorly tolerate heat. They suffer in the summer, complaining about the scorching heat and stuffiness. But, asking the question: «What is the hottest city in the world?» I think most of them rejoice that latitude in Russia do not have such extreme temperatures, as the winners of this rating.

The index calculated from mean annual temperature and its maximum peaks, and not necessarily the world record belongs to the most arid city in the world. In Death Valley, (CA) fixed +56,7 degrees, but people don’t live here.

Death Valley

The title of «hottest city on Earth» could claim the town of El Azizia in Ethiopia (with a population of about 4 million people), which declared +57,7 in the shadows, but the Book of records has not recognized the data.



City in the United Arab Emirates with a population of about 2 million people. The average summer temperature is 27.6 degrees. Dubai is on the Persian Gulf, so the weather is affected by the currents of the ocean and also located around the city a desert.

The climate is subtropical, with large temperature differences between night and day. This means that in August with an average daytime temperature of 35.1 degrees, the day it where-that on 10 units more, and the night correspondingly smaller. The absolute maximum temperature is +48.5 degrees (July 2012).


Precipitation in Dubai falls somewhere 5 times a year and mostly in winter, and the other 360 days a year of cloudless weather. Tourist season starts from October to April, when the heat subsides more or less. In January the average 19 degrees, which is more than the average temperature of the hottest cities of Russia.

There is high humidity (about 60%), especially in the summer months. Glasses and lenses photographic equipment fog up instantly when you exit the premises, so tourists have to wear a special absorbent handkerchiefs.


At this temperature the water in the pools are not heated, as we do, and Vice versa — cooled to 26 degrees. Almost any room and even on public transport you will be under air conditioning. Another thing that is unusual for a European tourist such temperature extremes are uncomfortable and threaten quick colds. You should think carefully before taking in the journey of a child — even adult adaptation is hard.

Feature aggressive sun In Dubai is such that in the shadows, but without the special protection of risk to scorch, even when the ultraviolet light is reflected from water or sand. But dust storms occur at any time, regardless of the month and can really be felt on the outskirts of the city.


Bangkok, Thailand

In the largest city of Thailand, mean annual temperature higher by one degree than to UAE (+28,7), but due to the incredible humidity (76%) temperature in the summer months a little lower. The absolute maximum was only +40,2 degrees. This indicator reduces and long rainy season (June to October), when the monsoons blow, and the whole day can go tropical storms.


The city is both humid and hot – this is facilitated by the proximity of the equator. The first time tourist on the street it seems that it is in the steam room, so the best months for sightseeing are December and January.

Notable seasonal fluctuations in Bangkok no, the coldest month is December (22 degrees). At this time, the statue of the emerald Buddha throw blanket – that he felt cold.


El Paso, Texas

Another city claiming the title of «hottest city on earth.» The average annual temperature is less than in the UAE and Thailand (18 degrees), but from may to September, the thermometer does not fall below 31 degrees. And temperature records of each summer month exceeds +40 degrees (maximum +45,6).

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The city is situated at an altitude of 1140 metres, on a plateau of the mountains of Franklin, surrounded by the desert of Chihuahua. This significantly affects the climate is hot and dry. The skies are always cloudless, and the air conditioning equipped buses.

In addition to the title of «hottest city on earth» by local wits was awarded the El Paso the title of «the most sweaty city of America.» Someone has calculated that an aqueous solution are obtained from the glands of local residents over 4 hours to fill an Olympic swimming pool. In honor of this local mayor was mailed a year’s supply of deodorant.

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The hottest cities of Russia significantly differ from the aforementioned cities. But nevertheless, we have noted temperature spikes. The record belongs to the village of Yashkul in Kalmykia, where it was specified +44.2 degrees. The record low here -36,1 degree, and the average temperature is only +10.8 degrees.


Adler, Russia

The hottest city in Russia, formerly a village and now a district of Sochi. Average annual temperature is 16 degrees. Adler is located in the zone of humid subtropics, the most Northern in the world, on the same parallel with the French nice, the Riviera and the Bulgarian Varna.


Summer lasts from mid April to October and the maximum temperature was 39.4 degrees.

The district is surrounded by mountains on the shore of the sea, which warms considerably in the winter. The maximum rainfall occurs in winter, mainly in the form of rain. Summer is humid and hot, but not uncomfortable due to the proximity of the sea. So stay in the hottest city in Russia shows Allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


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