The hot sauce in the world

Not everyone is ready to put your health at risk just to try the hot sauce in the world. Even cooking condiments such can be life-threatening, not to mention its use. But real foodies are ready for everything just to get the thrill, absorbing your meals.

The hot sauce in the world

Atomic Kick Ass – the spicy sauce

English restaurant «Bindi» is famous not only for tasty chicken legs, but the hot sauce in the world Atomic Kick Ass. To prepare the seasoning was a chef’s chef – Muhammad Karim. Measurement of the sharpness of the sauce showed 12 million units acuity that can be deadly to humans. Trade Atomic Kick Ass requires compliance with precautions: the cook should be thick glove that protects hands from burns, a person need to cover up with a respirator so as not to lose consciousness due to inhaled vapor.

Brave souls who venture to try the sauce » Atomic Kick Ass pre-release the restaurant from liability in the case of undesired consequences, by signing the relevant papers. The waiters before serving, seasoning to carry out instructions brave visitor, warning of possible sensations:

  • to be eaten in two pairs of gloves in order not to burn your hands;
  • after hitting the sauce in the mouth body splash hot waves;
  • possible reaction to the seasoning – a half-hour immobilization of the facial muscles;
  • the consequence of the use of the sauce may become convulsions of the body.

If necessary, the restaurant waiters assist the gourmet, until the specialists of emergency assistance.

Atomic Kick Ass – samiy gastri sauce

The structure of the Atomic Kick Ass sauce includes not only the sharpest in the world pepper. The chef adds seasoning pepper extract, the amount of Hotness which is 13 million units.

Test yourself by Atomic Kick Ass sauce only during the dinner. The seasoning can be found in the free market, because its use can result in serious health problems.

Sauce Culley»s Reaper

Seasoning Culley»s Reaper is the greatest of all sauces which you can purchase in the market. It consists of pure new Zealand pepper «Carolina Reaper». To make any dish incredibly spicy, just add in a drop of this sauce. If for the preparation of any dish takes a significant amount Culley»s Reaper, it is recommended to ensure the kitchen is good ventilation.

Reaper Sauce website for culley

Sauce Rogue

To make a really hot sauce, makers of Rogue used three kinds of hot peppers Chile Serrano, Trinidad Scorpion pepper and a Ghost. Slightly soften the sharpness of spices orange, pear and Apple, which are also included in its composition. Even a drop of this sauce will be enough to to sweat after a meal. Spice at first seems sweet. But do not forget about its sharpness, not to harm your health. Because in large quantities it can cause burns.

Sauce Rogue

Sauce Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

Even on the label of the sauce Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce has a warning about its incredible sharpness. In the seasoning composition is one of the most hot peppers, the Trinidad Scorpion, diluted with garlic and lemon. A few drops of this spicy condiment is enough to feel a rush of adrenaline and plunge into the rapid wave of heat.

Sauce Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

Sauce 708 7 POT CITRUS

Lovers of thrills will have to taste the sauce 708 7 POT CITRUS. It includes chili peppers, which can make the mouth of a volcano. To reduce the pungency of the sauce and enhance its flavor and aroma, add pineapple, garlic and orange juice. But don’t overdo it with the seasoning as it can cause burns that may be dangerous to health.

Sauce 708 7 POT CITRUS

Sauce Unique Destiny Cayenne Herb

Gourmets, who prefer spicy dishes, taste the Unique Destiny sauce Cayenne Herb. To make the dressing hot, just add Cayenne pepper Chile. Even a small amount of this sauce will be enough to feel a huge burst of heat throughout my body. For foodies who are beginning to experiment with spicy dishes, it is better be used with caution Unique Destiny Cayenne Herb.

Sauce Unique Destiny Cayenne Herb

Lighthouse Sauce Hot Sauce

To achieve the desired sharpness of the sauce Lighthouse Hot Sauce, its creators have used two types of chili: one of the most acute Habanera and Cayenne burning. The most demanding lovers of spicy food will appreciate this seasoning. A drop of hot sauce will make any food or drink into a real source of heat and adrenaline. As seasoning is one of the sharpest in the world, it is recommended to consume in small quantities.

Lighthouse Sauce Gastri Sauce

Sauce: Foo Foo Mama Choo

Many Chinese are just crazy sauce: Foo Foo Mama Choo, who served with the chicken. Seasoning is not only an extraordinary acuteness, but also a complex compound, whereby it has an incomparable taste. Of Hotness of the sauce gives the chili pepper, the Carolina Reaper. Softer make seasoning ginger and garlic. According to gourmet, sauce of Foo Foo Mama Choo gives the dish a special piquancy.

Sauce of Foo Foo Mama Choo

The Sauce I Dare You Stupit

Will not disappoint fans of spicy food sauce I Dare You Stupit. To make it very hot, it add the horseradish and pepper «Carolina Reaper». One drop of this seasoning will make the dish extremely spicy, forced to plunge into a real flame, will in a moment to gain clarity. There are different kinds of sauce I Dare You Stupit, differing added ingredients. You can find the seasoning that has raspberry, or prefer the variant with peach. The sauce at first seems mild, but it is a false sense. In a second mouth filled with a burning fire. To avoid health problems the seasoning is recommended to use in small quantities.

Sauce SMU You Will Take

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