The highest women in the world

Girls of low growth often complex operations, which take the bones to make them longer. But many of the fair sex, not for its growth. We are talking about the tallest women in the world. Some of them were happy in life, others have a close friend, and others were subjected to ridicule. Is the highest women in the world.

Elisane Silva, representative of Brazil

At growth of 206 sm girl quite happy. She has a boyfriend, whose height is 163 cm, Elisane always been a slim girl and has grown rapidly to 14 years. Now she’s 18 and she wants to become a model. Soon the couple wants to have a baby. Young people are experiencing, can Elisane for health to become a mother.

Malgorzata Dudek – Polish basketball player

The growth of athletes is 2,18 m. she decided to use their data and became a professional basketball player. Its growth is due to genetics. All the relatives Małgorzata large. It is considered to be the highest player among the women included in the Women’s Association for basketball.

Zainab Bibi is originally from Pakistan

In 28 years a woman has reached a growth of 2.18 m. the day she can drink more than 8 liters of fluid and eat a few chickens. Born and raised in Pakistan, Zainab came to live in Britain. At home she is constantly subjected to ridicule and bullying from local residents.

Sandy Allen – the tallest woman of America

A girl from an early age added to the growth. In 10 years, he has already reached 1.9 m In adulthood, her height is 2.33 m. sandy Died in 2008 and was considered the highest in the world. Her life was lonely. In 1974, she even asked for help from the staff of Guinness world Records that they helped to find a life partner.

Yao Defen – the amazing Chinese

Among low fellow girl has always been great. The reason for this growth has become a serious illness nuclear weapons. Her weight was 200 kg, and the growth of 2.34 m. Giant growth and poor health has led to the fact that the Chinese woman has died at the age of 40 years.

Zen Julang – highest in the world

the tallest woman in the worldthe tallest woman in the world

The girl was born in the province of Huan. At the time of stopping the progression her height is 2.48 m. Zen almost did not get up on his feet and walked. As a result of huge growth she developed a lot of diseases. Most of all, she suffered from scoliosis. The girl died in 1982.

To determine why women have such growth, researchers have failed to this day. Historians say that these girls lived at all times. For example, to have survived for information about young Trente Keever, which had a height of 2.50 m and died at the age of 15 years.

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