The highest waterfall in the world

One of the most impressive places in the world angel falls. A waterfall exists in its original form for many thousands of years, and, of course, the locals, the pemón Indians, had long known about the existence of this giant waterfall. They called him «Kerepakupai-West», which translates as «Waterfall of the deepest place». But belonged to the waterfall with caution in those places was «the House of the devil».

The opening of the waterfall


Many years later, in the early 20th century, the falls came across the Spaniard Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz, but his discovery was not widely publicized. Three decades later, the waterfall from a bird’s eye fell on the view of the pilot to fly around these places in search of diamonds and precious metals.

My entire adult life American Jimmy angel dreamed of finding untold riches. American adventurer to find gold failed, but opened to mankind the highest waterfall in the world.

Jimmy Angel

When the Americans four years later, after the first visit to the waterfall, flew with his wife and two friends, he landed his plane on the pad Auyantepuy. During the landing happened a nuisance – monoplane «El Rio Caroni» broke the front chassis. I hit another fuel tank. Travelers had to descend the mountain on their own. Eleven days it took brave men to return to the fold of civilization. To the credit of the travelers it is worth noting that they were prepared for the unexpected, and brought with them tents, blankets, a machete, and a stock of food for at least a month.

the plane Jimmy angel

The news of an exciting journey through the thick tropical jungle has received wide publicity. The waterfall was named in memory of the pilot, the world’s tallest waterfall was named angel.

What about the plane you ask? And he remained to stand on the top of the mountain. Time has not spared it — it rusted. And stood on the mountain, as a monument, as long as they do not understand and flew the helicopter took it away for restoration. This plane can be seen in Marykaycom the Museum of Aviation. Now on top of the mountain you can see an exact replica of the aircraft.

Where you can see

wodospad angel

Angel falls is located in South America, in a cozy corner of the South-East of Venezuela. Surrounded by a lush tropical forest, from the height of the flat mountain auyantepui waterfall falls down. It seems that the huge flow of water falls from the sky.

The wild vegetation was a barrier to ordinary citizens, but not for the most active explorers of the jungle, whom the glory of the highest waterfall in the world, Manila behind. Many years passed before a waterfall, angel began travel company. And now, wishing to admire the flow of water flowing from a height of about thousand meters, there is no need to overcome the jungle.

the way on the boat

In the Canaima national Park there are practically no roads, travel by car will not work. To make the journey to the waterfall, swim in the river on a motor boat. Each of the travel companies Canaima ready to offer one — or three-day tours. In order to get to the waterfall you have to take a boat in Canaima, swim for five hours and be in the jungle. Then you will see the hour walk to the waterfall. During the Hiking journey, you will be given a wonderful opportunity to meet with originality of Venezuela and admire the beautiful scenery of pristine nature.

wodospad angel

For those wishing provides a panoramic helicopter ride. It should be noted that the visibility of the waterfall highly influenced by the weather – if you go to Venezuela during the rainy season, it is likely that the beauty angel will be hidden in the white Cumulus clouds. In the period from December to March, the waterfall is not so deep, but decreases the probability of falling in the afternoon. Most attractive waterfall is during the rainy season from may to November.


Years later, Jimmy angel, being already a Mature man of 57 years old, flying his light plane through Panama, was wrecked. It would seem, nothing terrible – just a scratch on his forehead, however, a few days after the events of the American smashed a stroke which he was not able to Wake up. ‘ve been unconscious for a few months, the pilot died.

wodospad angel

Angel really wanted his ashes were scattered over so his beloved waterfall. In the last flight of Jimmy angel was accompanied by his wife, two children and close friends. Later, one of them said: «when we flew to the canyon, we were surrounded by clouds, their density was so high that the eye could not pitch black, but suddenly it was so Sunny and beautiful that we understand this takes Jimmy».

Six years ago Hugo Chavez issued a decree, the essence of which boils down to the fact that the unique attractions located in Venezuela that is not proper to wear an American gringo. Since then, angel falls is the official name – Kerepakupai Measure, however, we will always remember it under the old name.

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