The highest water slide in the world

Each rests on its own is water activities. Someone enough just to splash in the pool with clean water. Well, there are those thrill-seekers who are full of happiness necessarily require the highest water slide in the world. Every year such entertainment in the world is becoming more and mountains above. The bulk of the entertainment lies over the ocean, but in Europe there are a few attractions that can be safely attributed to the highest water slides.

Water slide

Spain, the VertiGo attraction

In 2013 in Spanish Benidorm opened the highest capsule slide. The height of this mountain is 33 meters, but there is and the lower for those who are afraid just to get that high. The first brave souls who dare to try out this game, it is simply breathtaking from the sensations. Some cried, others baptized, and still others just turned a blind eye not to see everything that is happening. This is not surprising, because the speed with which people tear down a special capsule of about 100 km/h.

Waterslide in Spain

The day of the opening slides in the pool gathered a large number of people who wanted to see the faces of those who decided on such an adventure. Inside the capsule, under the feet of man is a special hatch, which opens to signal the worker of the attraction. The second extreme is already coming down, and the rate of fall is constantly increasing. Before embarking on the mountain tourists, tried it on rescuers who are working in the Waterpark.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Jumeirah Sceirah

The middle East also did not want to be left behind, and the Emirates was built a waterslide capsule, which is in no way inferior to the Spanish attraction. After the camper will rise to a height of 33 meters; it has a rapid descent down a plastic chute with great speed. After the initial acceleration, the tourist seems that everything goes calmly, but somewhere in the middle of the road, he suddenly falls down almost in a free fall. This section of slides is most appealing to thrill-seekers.

Waterslide in UAE

During the operation of this attraction, accidents on this hill is not fixed (except, of course, the loss of some of the bathing facilities on the way down).

Brazil, Fortaleza, waterslide Insano

This attraction is not only the tallest water slide in the world, but the record holder of the Guinness Book of records. It is located in the water Park Beach Park, near the Brazilian city of Fortaleza. Her name Insane means crazy, and it is impossible not to agree. The height of this mountain is equal to a height of 14-storeys (41 metres). Not only is it very high, descend on it almost vertical, which further adds to the extreme tourists. For those 5 seconds, which lasts for a descent, the person speeds up to 105 km/h, but this speed of a rushing car.

Brazil Insane

After a successful descent from vacationer have the ability to view video, which depicted his adventure, and even to take a record as a memory. These images can be reviewed again and again. However, access to such entertainment is not available to all. The attraction entrance is strictly forbidden to pregnant women, children whose growth has not reached 140 cm and people with disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, mount Kilimanjaro

This water slide is fully justifies its name (Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain of Africa). Wants to ride with this mountain, it is proposed to overcome the 50 meters in 5 seconds. The maximum speed achieved during the descent about 90 km/h. The staff ride are his stats and claim that one in twenty of the visitors decided to make the journey down and back. Not everyone has the courage to venture on such a risky thing.

A waterslide, Kilimanjaro

United States, Kansas city, Verruckt

The highest water slide in the world recently opened in the U.S. in the water Park Schlitterbahn. The height of this ride is almost 52 meters. It exceeded in height, and Niagara falls, the Statue of Liberty however desperate daredevils, ready to descend from this height, not so much.

Water slide in Kansas city

The spiral ascent, consisting of 264’s steps leading to the top of the mountain where you wish to go quadruple seated in rubber rafts and firmly adhere to them. In the first tests, this facility engineers are not able to make sand bags (they were tested) did not come off from the slides and did not rise into the air. For better security of the trough, which is descent, fenced and divided. It is really necessary, because the speed with which it descends daredevil about 120 km/h.

A waterslide, Verruckt

At the moment the highest water slide in the world is closed. Unfortunately, this attraction was recently killed child. All the details of this incident is still unknown, but rumor has it that he flew from the front seat and broke his neck on the top railing of the chute. The official version yet, but the mere fact that 10-year-old missed out on this attraction is the jurisdiction of the case. The fact that the entrance to the slide is allowed only from 14 years.

The highest water slide in the world

Open again this water slide or not, is still unknown, but some hotheads individual extreme this adventure is a little cool. Because recreation does not have to climb so high and to risk their lives.

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