The highest volcano in the world

An active volcano may seize and destroy. In the world there are about four thousand of volcanoes, a third of which are in the passive state – scientists have not yet learned to predict the exact time of the eruption. The greater part sleeping the deep sleep, as, for example, the highest volcano in the world, Aconcagua.



The height of this giant – 6 942 meters. The name of the mountain sounds like a call to worship, Spanish looks like Aconcagua.

Many years ago, I faced plates – North American and Nazca – as a result of this, there is a volcano. This dormant volcano is in Argentina, nestled in eternal rest among the mountain ranges.

In our days the mount Aconcagua all encased in ice, is now «extinct» volcano can’t compete with the vagaries of the environment. Centuries earlier hot lava momentarily broke those chains of ice. Now on top slowly settled two largest glacier – the Polish and East.

This giant, of course, could not remain unnoticed. For the first time to conquer the height of the highest volcano in the world managed a team of climbers under the leadership of Briton Edward Fitzgerald. In that event, it took a little more than a century. Later, in their footsteps raised many times climbers, for whom life without extreme mountain holiday is not sweet.


Despite its height, Aconcagua is not an object, difficult to climb. The main difficulty is the altitude at which the atmospheric pressure is much higher than in the lowlands. While climbing the mountain you will definitely feel a change, but that is no reason to carry oxygen cylinders.

If you ever decide to conquer the summit of the highest volcano in the world, know that the most convenient place to lift is the North slope. The fastest climb was made in the late twentieth century, a team of mountaineers climbed to the top, having spent 5 hours and 40 minutes.

For professionals in mountaineering, having nerves of steel and good health, will be in southern and South-Western slopes.

To facilitate climbing, Argentina has taken care of the comfort of the tourists. You will be offered a media that will carry your Luggage, right above the level of 4000 metres, they take over the work of crazy money. Although if you have an extra $ 600, then this question will not cause you difficulties.

Can offer a guide, although if your plans include a leisurely ascent, he’s frankly useless. In addition, there are many campsites and hungry, you will be able at any moment to collapse into the nearest cafe.


Despite the fact that everything is done to preserve the health and life of a tourist, accidents still happen. The main causes of premature death — swelling of the lungs and brain. Still, the pressure altitude and the bitter cold of the glaciers is not a joke. Before venturing to climb to the top of the highest volcano, think very carefully whether this is for you.



The volcano with the catchy name Llullaillaco located in South America. The height of this giant 6723 meters. The last eruption was documented in 1877, it was explosive. It’s time to explore the highest active volcano in the world.

Despite the fact that the eruption in human terms was a long time ago, the locals do not lose vigilance. Llullaillaco now is in a solfataric stage with its surface through the cracks and craters of vaporized gases.

The top of the volcano is covered with a layer of perpetual snow, which in itself is amazing, Llullaillaco is located in the Atacama desert, which is never a rain. According to scientists, the volcano was formed in two stages, the original took place in the Pleistocene period. At this time, creates a wide cone. More than one hundred and fifty thousand years ago collapsed top of a volcano, forming a rubble – now you can see them in the East.

The next stage took place ten thousand years ago – based on what is left of an ancient volcano, formed a cone, which we can observe now. In addition, they formed some new domes and stretches of new lava flows.


Besides that the volcano can Wake up at any moment, Llullaillaco is the most intriguing place on the planet. A year before the onset of the new Millennium, scientists had discovered a real historical value – well preserved mummy of a child


The mummy is well preserved, despite the age – they are about five hundred years. The children were well dressed and wrapped in a warm cloak, the girl was a feather headdress. Guess what kids, a boy and a girl, at the age of 4-5 years and a girl aged 13 years, was sacrificed. Don’t kill them – they froze to death. Dry mountain air and high pressure made the business people.

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