The highest slide at the water Park in the world

The perfect vacation – a concept everyone understands in their own way. For some the optimum is impressively spending time on the beach, while others enjoy active, or even extreme sports.

Heart beating faster with every second, the blood is ejected a huge shot of adrenaline, and the brain that it turns off, but the beauty of feelings is not reduced by this! Believe me, you will last for many years if you decide to conquer the biggest water slide in the world!


Summit Plummet

The water Park is called Disney’s Blizzard Beach is located in Florida, is one of the most extreme descents of water – about 37 m in height. Despite the fact that the summers are always Sunny and quite hot, willing to come down from Summit Plummet finds on top of and across track drifts of snow, which this attraction looks very unusual and more like a ski jump. But as artificial snow, the probability to freeze something is reduced to zero.

Blizzard Beach

To climb the Summit Plummet you don’t have to make special efforts for the cable car. And if the ascent is easy, then exactly on top of the water slides you will have a very difficult. Why? Because you must have nerves of steel to sit in a narrow chute, let go and… feel an incredible feeling, when plummeting down at a speed of 100 km/hour. Then Summit Plummet is waiting for you!


For more than 15 years, this bitter bore the proud title of the high-water descent in the world. Its height is 41 m and it is located in the Park that bears the name of Fortaleza Beach Park. And if you have planned your stay at the Brazilian resort of Fortaleza, then you have no right to pass its luxurious attraction that is listed in the Guinness book of records.


Popo is a waterslide, a slip which dare not everyone. Her descent is almost vertical, and the height is equivalent to a 14 story building. The one who dares to climb to the top, this Brazilian attraction will be able to know what is the height of bird flight and to fully enjoy the surrounding landscape.

But the view of the coast and the port city is not important! You are at the top and now it is necessary to collect all will in a fist and make a real flight down. Its duration does not exceed 7 seconds, but because of the huge speed, which is around 105 km/h, incredible! In this short time you will feel amazing, with nothing comparable feelings.


But the biggest shot of adrenaline is waiting for you in Kansas city, where Park called the Schlitterbahn waiting for all the crazy water ride Verrückt. Only real daredevils are able to agree to this adventure, as this hill is not only the highest in the world, but also one of the most extreme. By agreeing to this mission, you get multiple pleasures:

  • the rapid journey through the water slide;
  • the incredible design of the track, which turns like rails on a roller coaster;
  • strange turns, forced to do the drop down and then fly up.

And all this happens at incredible speed which reaches 120 km/h highest area of the Verrückt waterslide is 52 m. And if to compare with the famous buildings, for example, the Statue of Liberty will be lower this attraction on two feet. The same can be said about some other world attractions such as the tower, and Niagara falls – they are just inferior to the height of this amazing water rafting.


In order to reach the top slides Verrückt you will need to overcome the 264 steps. On top of risk lovers are already waiting for rubber rafts, each of which can accommodate 3 persons. And then only a breath-taking flight from a height of 17-storey buildings and 180 m incredible extreme! The first drop is not the only – immediately after it will lift you to a height of about 5 storeys and will carry on through the narrow and, as many think it is, infinite chute.

Want to tickle your nerves? Then you are at the highest water slide in the world!

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