The highest point of Moscow

Moscow built on hilly terrain, which is evident in the intricate patterns of the streets. In a time when the arms of the city planners did not have special equipment, build roads on the most appropriate areas and around complex terrain. Along them occurred at home, which were formed izgibistym streets sometimes resemble a maze. Some areas of the capital of Russia located on hilltops, others are in relative lowlands. Of course, there is the highest point of Moscow, the location where you will be interested to know a lot of people.

The highest point of Moscow

Where is the highest point of Moscow

In a place where the Profsoyuznaya street and Novoyasenevsky Prospekt and is the highest point of Moscow. This area is located in Teplostanskaya hills, on whose territory is located in the South-West of the city. The name of this area has received even in ancient times, when Moscow raided the Mongol-Tatar yoke. In their language the word «state» meant «stop.» It was here that the Khan’s baskaks were often arranged halt while traveling. As for the adjective «warm», it began to be used in warm climatic conditions inherent to the area.

the highest point of Moscow

Teplostanskaya on hills is extremely difficult terrain with lots of gullies and ravines. And the highest point of this area and the entire city is located near the metro station «Teply Stan» and rises above sea level on 255,2 m, and above the level of the Moscow river – 135 m.

Signs to determine

The locals, of course, know that their area is the highest point in Moscow, but to pinpoint its location. You can often hear the assertion that the identification mark is a large boulder that’s been here for quite some time. Subsequently around it even made the lawn which was decorated with flower beds. Besides, on a huge stone is slick with a strange substance that many take for marking the highest point of the city. In fact the stone remained in the street just because well complement the landscape design of the area.

the highest point of Moscow

On the site of the highest point of Moscow at the present time stands the metal pillar of power, which is considered the most accurate benchmark. Around it has a spacious Parking lot. Nearby is the vault of Mosvodokanal, enclosed by a high fence. For such a place is difficult to find a more convenient location. Due to its elevated location, the reservoir acts as a huge water tower. Thanks to him, about one million Muscovites have drinking water.

the highest point of Moscow

The angle in the story

A few years ago on the highest point of the city stood a pyramid of metal, which was the geodetic reference frame. And although the tower was used for critical measurements, it was decided to demolish. According to local authorities, she was not allowed to properly equip the route high-voltage power lines.

geodetic datum

Moscow has many interesting places. And although over time they are adapted, visit them still quite interesting. After all, you can always remember what my impressions were from attending the highest point of the capital of Russia or other fascinating places.

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