The highest point in Australia

Australia is one of the most mysterious and attractive places on the planet. Hundreds of years ago scientists had no specific information about the mainland, so all the data was wearing a semi-legendary character. Today Australia is one of the richest countries in the world, its flora and fauna attract thousands of tourists.

Australia is considered to be a Green continent, despite the fact that a large part of the territory is occupied by deserts and semi-deserts. There are mountain ridges in the South-East. Here lies the Australian Alps, and therefore the highest point – the city of Kosciusko.

Hori Kosciuszko

It has a rather fascinating history. Located the highest mountain in the South of the state of South Wales. There is nothing outstanding in contrast to the gigantic peaks of mount Everest (8848 m). The height of the mountain, is 2228 metres from the nearby mountains, it is almost not noticeable. Nearby is located the town of Tousled, its height less than 20 meters.

Mount Kosciuszko opened in 1840 and it is a merit of the Polish Explorer Paul Edmund Streleckogo (Strzelecki). He decided to name the top the name of the Polish national hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko. The distinctive features mountains: relatively gentle slopes, the absence of major gorges, a rocky landscape, the predominance of shrubs next to a large vegetation.

The highest point in Australia

The highest point of Australia occupies the area 1664314 acres, is considered the center of the eponymous National Park. This area declared as a Park since 1977. Here you can find different endemic plants, to admire which can only be in this area.

Kosciusko national Park

Despite the fact that the continent is considered to be hot and dry, are cold and snowy parts that are in the area of the mountain. Snow 5 months of the year (June-October), which helped to create such well-known ski resorts of Perisher and Trendo.

Interesting facts

  • This mountain was especially pleasant for the seniors, as there is a lift to the greatest extent, is valid until that time. Recovery is done from the foot of the mountain, rising almost to the top of the peak.
  • Local used to call the highest peak Kosiusko.
  • Long before the opening of the Polish mountains the traveler, the Australians called the mountain tar-Gan-Lived, for them it was sacred.
  • Originally the mountain was called Townsend, and the highest was considered to be standing next to mount Kosciuszko. However, the studies found that Townsend 20 meters above, then it was decided to change the names of the mountains in some places.
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