The highest mountain in Ukraine

The highest mountain in Ukraine is Hoverla and it is located between the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk region, near the border with Romania. The next towns, – Rakhiv, Yasinya and Vorokhta, which can be seen from its summit. The height of Hoverla is 2061 meters above sea level.



From locals you can hear the amazing legend of the origin of the mountain and the Prut. According to her, in ancient times, lived a girl named Hoverla and the young man Rod, who loved each other. But their happiness didn’t last long. Soon, their feelings found out the girl’s father – the powerful local witch doctor. To prevent their wedding and hide a daughter from her lover, he turned to the mountain Hoverla.

the highest mountain in Ukraine

Rod said that in order to get girls the spell, you have until sunrise to climb to the highest point of the mountain. But to do it before dawn the young man did not. From powerlessness in the face of witchcraft, he sat down on the top of the mountain and wept bitterly. Since the slopes of the mountain flows the Prut river, which connected the lovers forever.


Goverla mountain is a famous tourist route in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The first ever tourist route in the region was developed and opened for visitors in 1880. For tourists, the summit is open between may to November. At other times you can get here only by experienced mountaineers.


Hoverla is located on the territory of the Carpathian natural reserve. Therefore, those wishing to climb it should obtain permission from the reserve administration. Here tourists will tell you the basic rules of climbing:

  1. On the slopes of mount forbidden to put up tents and start a fire.
  2. Along the way, not to collect berries, mushrooms and other plants.
  3. The local rivers are not allowed to fish.

To climb to the top of the mountain was developed by several different routes. Their length is from 10 to 16 km away. All they differ not only in duration but also in the level of difficulty. In order to enjoy amazing scenery of mountains, experienced travelers recommend climbing one route and descend differently.

Wishing to conquer the mountain you need to consider that this is no ordinary tour and they need stamina and a good physical preparation. This is due to the fact that already at an altitude of over 1500 meters a person can feel the lack of oxygen, resulting in difficulty breathing.

Assuming good weather to climb to the very top takes about 3 hours. But we should not forget about security measures during the climb, ignoring that, the tourists can get various kinds of injuries.

The Nature Of Hoverla

At the foot of the mountain you can see evergreen forests of pine and beech hardwood stands. But the summit offers amazing views of the area. In clear weather you can see Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia and other cities that are in the neighborhood, in the North – Sighetu Marmatiei, situated on the territory of Romania.

nature Goverli

The slopes of the mountain are covered with rare plants, among them the white sleep, marmaros and cornflower Kochi. At least 45 species of animals that live in the region listed in the red book of Ukraine. Among the wildlife on the mountain live brown bears, white-backed woodpeckers and mountain moles.

In may, the mountain slopes are covered with a purple carpet of crocuses. And in June there begins flowering rhododendron, or as the locals call it – Chervona Ruta.

Even in the hottest summer here you can see the snow.


Weather on the mountain

The local climate is harsh and unpredictable. Even on a hot summer day, can suddenly come rain, hail or snow. Besides, upstairs is quite windy. So, going to the mountains, be sure to bring warm clothes. From March to may on Goverla there is a high risk of avalanches.

In winter the temperature can drop to – 30 plus the strong wind. At this time, to go to the mountains alone is dangerous.

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