The highest mountain in Crimea

Crimea is famous for many landmarks, a special place among them is occupied by majestic mountains. They were formed as a result of the rise of the seabed, as evidenced by their plateau-like structure. The peaks of the mountain range do not have hard peaks. This is due to their structure, which consists of soft, subject to destruction under the influence of the external environment, limestone. The highest mountain in the Crimea is located on the far ridge massif Babugan-Yayla.


Roman-Kosh is the highest mountain of the Crimea

Though the Roman-Kosh is the highest mountain of the Crimea, its hard to see from afar, as it merges with other peaks of the massif Babugan-Yayla. The mountain rises above sea level at 1545 m. It is located near the coast, allowing significant height difference.

Roman Kosh

The Eastern slope of the mountain is different karst landscape. During the melting of the snow on the slope down rushing streams, which eroded the limestone. To confront powerful streams more solid rock, in which are formed cavities. Due to this phenomenon, the slopes rich in caves, mines, caves and other karst cavities.

You may not be able to determine the origin of the name of the mountain. Some sources claim that the Roman-Kosh means the upper halt. But much closer to the truth seems the version where the name comes from the Tatar language means «the forest pastures of the shepherds».


In the forests located at the foot of the mountain, you can admire rare species of plants. They survived thanks to the efforts of members of the Crimean natural reserve. In the forests common coniferous trees and beech. Admire the old birch trees in relict groves, located in the North-Eastern slope of the mountain.

the vegetation is Roman Kosh

Dense forests are found near the base of the mountain. With increasing altitude they are thinning and moving into lonely growing trees. Peak Roman-Kosh is covered with steppe grasses are extremely resistant to harsh mountain conditions.

Animal world

In the forests, spread out in the mountain Roman-Kosh, you can find quite a lot of species of animals. The eye of the traveler will enjoy here:

  • deer;
  • deer;
  • mouflons;
  • different types of birds, including the rare rufous-tailed rock thrush.

animals Roman Kosh

Hunting in the reserve is strictly prohibited, so animals are not very afraid of people and allow you to approach them very closely.

Climbing to Roman Kosh

There are no accurate data about who first conquered this peak. Today, many tourists can’t resist the temptation to climb the highest mountain in the Crimea. On the way, here you can find clean springs with very tasty water. Limestone is a great filter, so the melt water that had seeped through the layers of rock is amazing for its purity.

On top of the mountain you can climb in several ways, each of which has its own attractions. Quite often on Roman-Kosh go mountain Biking. Of the forest glades, which are used as viewing platforms with great views of other mountain tops. If you view the landscape through binoculars, you can admire the blue expanse of the sea.

climbing to Roman Kosh

Most mass ascent on the Roman-Kosh was committed in 1966. The pioneers who rest in the camp «Artek» timed its XV Congress of the Komsomol. On the highest mountain of the Crimea while at the same time was 1200 people. To commemorate this event, on top of a mounted pedestal with a bust of Lenin. Soon, the monument was dismantled, and in its place stands a wooden cross.

To conquer the mountain Roman-Kosh is possible only at a certain time. Quite often, if you are going to climb to the top, the tourists are faced with prohibiting passage signs. If you ignore this warning, you can stumble on foresters that do not miss the opportunity to fine violators.

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