The highest mountain in Bashkortostan

Republic – Republic of fanciful legends and beautiful mountain beauty. There is always something to see, as the country has a multilingual population, unique culture of peoples and invites you to enjoy extraordinary natural beauty. The highest mountain in Bashkortostan is the main attraction of the Republic. Is this is a great title, «Yamantau».

The location and size of Yamantau

Mount Yamantau is the Most Russian of V. the height of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Bashkortostan

This is the highest mountain in Bashkortostan, with an altitude of 1640 metres, is on the territory of the Republic in the North-West direction. A length of mountain range is 5,000 meters, and its width is equal to 3000 meters. The main peaks have a Large Yamantau Yamantau (1640m) and the Small Yamantau (1510m). The first peak, located in the South Ural reserve, is the highest point of the mountain slopes of the southern Urals.

What does the name highest mountain in Bashkortostan?

The translation of the name of the mountain Yamantau from the Bashkir sounds like – «bad hill». But what did not please the people is the highest mountain in Bashkortostan and to have received such a bad name? All due to the fact that the slopes of the mountains abound with kurumniki and swamps, and this means that the use of these lands in economic needs is simply impossible. There is evidence that this mountain are some bad legends that does not decorate, but rather to denigrate this place. Lovers of beautiful places of our planet can find interesting adventures on the website

Yamantau translated from Bashkir means

And in the days of the Soviet Union, this mountain was even worse, at the foot began a strange construction, which also has been carefully classified. To date, no one can say exactly what is being built there. Start of construction at the foot of mountains was fixed by the Americans, who tried to get answers to questions about this fact. But find something reliable for them and failed. And today some suggest that in the construction the construction is preparing a huge supply of food at a time of global war, and maybe creates a bunker for government representatives at the same event of war, or uranium mining. Ten kilometers in a westerly direction from the foot of the mountain is an indoor town of Mizhhiria. For tourists, this mountain is closed to the public, however, there are daredevils who are ready to conquer the mountain tops in spite of all prohibitions.

Yamantau vzimku

Climatic features of the Yamantau

Here rain falls annually in the amount of 700-1100 mm. Approximately 180-205 days per year here you can watch the snow cover, which reaches one meter in height. In January keeps the average temperature of minus 14-17 ° and in July that same option is plus 9 to 16 degrees.

Sacred mountain is the second highest in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Sacred mountain Iremel

So people call the mountain Iremel, which consists of two mountain points – Big Iremel (1582m.) and Small Iremel, separated by a kind of saddle. Yamantau height «beats» Big Iremel only 58 meters. The second highest mountain in South Ural attracts many travel enthusiasts from all corners of our country. A visit to the mountains, ordinary people, as a rule, prohibited. But every year it attracts tens of thousands of lovers of mountain scenery and clean air.

View from Small to Big Iremel

Translated from the Bashkir name of the Iremel means «saddle of Hercules.» This mountain is located not only in Bashkortostan, but also borders the Chelyabinsk region, making Iremel attractions of two regions. And to get from the Chelyabinsk region to these beautiful places is much easier, and what are the tourists who want to enjoy mountain peaks, the surrounding beauty and to get an incredible travel experience.

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