The highest mountain in Africa

Perhaps, all though time in life heard such a beautiful word, like Kilimanjaro. That’s just before any schoolboy could tell you what it is, today, the meaning of this word is not known to many. Let’s fill that void. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, besides it is also a symbol of the Black continent. The mountain is 5891 m. Kilimanjaro is the 4th highest altitude among all the existing top of the world, in addition, she joined the group «7 peaks».


To be precise, Kilimanjaro is not a mountain, and a few dormant volcanoes, which consist of effusive rocks and volcanic ash. Scientists claim that the highest mountain in Africa appeared about a million years ago. One of the main peaks of Kibo is the highest and at the same time the youngest, she is completely covered in a snow cap.

The most amazing thing is no one saw the eruption of Kilimanjaro, was only observed landslides. However, the new peak appears periodically the gas cloud, which could lead to the collapse of the top and result in an eruption.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Recently, the ice and snow on the mountain began to melt. This can be caused by several reasons: increase in the average temperature of the Earth, lack of precipitation, which form a snow cap. According to some scientists, this phenomenon says about the awakening of the volcano. All this is just speculation, which is not currently proven.

A bit of history

Kilimanjaro means «shining mountain». The name chosen really true, because the snow cap on the mountain really bright shimmers under the sunlight. In the past people who lived at the foot of the mountain, thought on top of the mountain is silver. After the first studies of the top of the mountain, it became known as «the Abode of the God of cold».

The abode of God cold

In Europe on Kilimanjaro learned at the end of the XIX century. It is the merit of priest of the Protestant Church of Johanna of Rebman. The first person that ascended to Kilimanjaro, was count Samuel Teleki. He managed to reach the snow line at the altitude of 5,300 metres, it took more than one year. Then Earl decided to climb mount Kenya. In 1889, the year he conquered Kilimanjaro two others: the Austrian climber and traveller Purtscheller Meyer.

The Volcano Kilimanjaro

The legend of the volcano

The volcano has a number of legends, some can be heard in our days. Local residents continue to believe that Kilimanjaro gods live, and in the dungeons the dwarves-dwarfs. But the gods on the peak of the mountain evil spirits that control the weather conditions. Another legend States that in the vicinity of the volcano used to live the people of wachagga. Since that time, we heard a story about two brothers named Kibo and Mawenzi. According to the legend the elder brother made fire with the younger. As the tribe learned recently, among scholars are of the opinion that the evidence of recent volcano activity.

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