The highest monument in the world

At all times, great deeds, great people, Almighty gods and even ordinary people become objects to create incredibly beautiful masterpieces of sculptors. Some historical and cultural monuments are watching us from a small height, while others affect its size. And which of them can rightly be called the highest monument in the world? We present to your attention the top ten tallest monuments around the world.

1 Buddha Spring Temple

Statue Of Buddha Vesnyanoe Temple

Set in the province of China the highest monument in the world stretches up to 208 meters. The Buddha is made of copper. The growth of the sculpture, which depicts the Buddha Vairocana, is 108 meters. To reach an incredible height of a hundred feet of the monument allow the pedestals, pedestals, and stone steps that allowed the sculpture to become the highest in the world and to go for it in the Guinness Book of records. Created unique and beautiful monument to the Buddha in response to the destruction of two statues of Buddha in Afghanistan. Lightning reactions of the Chinese at such barbarity caused them to reduce the Spring Temple Buddha in record time, at a cost of us $ 55 million.

2 The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument

The tallest monument in the world dedicated to the first American President George.Washington (opened in 1885). Immediately after you open the stone monument, reaching a height of 169.3 meters, was nicknamed the «pencil» for strong similarity with the subject. During the construction of the monument almost repeated the history of the leaning tower of Pisa, leaning to the side a significant distance. However, the construction managed to save and even bring it, as far as possible, smooth look.

Monument of white marble has an upstairs observation deck that can be accessed by Elevator or to overcome 898 steps. The area offers a wonderful view of the city and surrounding areas.

3 Victory Monument

Monument Peremogi

This monument whose height is 141,8 meters, you can see the capital of our country. It is part of the Memorial complex dedicated to the great Victory. Its height is chosen in such a way that for every day of the war, we had ten inches.

4 Of Amitabha Buddha

The Statue Of Amitabha Buddha

Another sculpture of Buddha has considerable height, which is 120 meters. This monument is set in Japan (1995). And the Buddha «grew up» in 100 meters, and 20 meters is a platform which is made in the form of a flower.

5 Lejun Sasaja

Sculptural group Lejun Sasaja

This sculptural group is located in Myanmar. It consists of two Buddhas – the first is and the second is at his feet. Is the Buddha reaches a height of 116 meters. Recumbent monument is older, since it was built 17 years earlier sculptures of the Buddha, that is.

6 The Goddess Guanyin

The Statue Of The Goddess Guanyin

The tallest monument in the world was built in six years on the Chinese island of Hainan (in 2005). A distinctive feature of the 108-meter high pedestal is thrust two people into the sea, and one face to island.

7 Christ

The statue of Christ the Central African Republic

In the Portuguese city of Almada is this 103-meter high statue of Jesus, which has a height of 28 meters. The sculpture stands on a pedestal, with a height of 75 meters. In General, Jesus rises above the earth at 103 meters.

8 The Motherland


Built in Kiev, the Motherland 102 meters high. Created this monument in honor of the memory of the great Victory. The sculpture itself is made of 62-meter height. More than a hundred meters, «the hill» above the ground provides the monument again the pedestal.

9 Peter

Monument To Peter I

In our country one of the highest recognized monuments, the monument to Peter I, installed in Moscow (1997). Created by sculptor Zurab Tsereteli Peter the pedestal rises 98 meters. The sculpture weighs 8,000 tons.

10 The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue Of Liberty

It is a symbolic statue of America appeared in the 100th anniversary of the American revolution. Its height is 93 meters is a unit with the pedestal, the statue reaches a height of 46 meters.

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